Saturday, July 11, 2009

So off I go..

I'm heading down to Lower Hutt tomorrow to look for somewhere to live. There's a few nice looking ones on Trademe tonight so fingers crossed. A lady I met at a sewing group in PN moved down there 6 weeks ago and I've made contact with her this week. Her friend is a local taxi driver and is able to tell me what streets/areas are good and not so good. Wow I am so relieved. that was my biggest worry.. moving into the wrong area. So I'm meeting up with S and H tomorrow. They're going to drive me around all the places to let and I have one to view tomorrow afternoon so fingers crossed. I'm working down there until Thursday afternoon so surely the right place will turn up by then.

Went to Acupuncture twice this week. I have had terrible back, shoulder and neck pain for the last week and dizzyness for 2 weeks. It's horrible but I think it is because I'm so tense lately and busy. Connie is amazing. She pushed on all the muscles in my back and none were sore!!! She touched my hips and I nearly jumped through the roof. the muscle all along my right side from my hip to my shoulder is inflamed and tight, and the left side too but not as bad. Acupuncture works. Been there done that. I've already booked in for a massage in Welly and will have another session of acupuncture next Friday. Just have to have breaks and relax!!!!

Hey for something really cool have a look at Kirsty Duncan is ex Palmy quilter. I love these. I'm taking all the bits to Welly with me and hope to make enough for goodbye pressies for the Saturday sewing girls and my close friends. My dear friend sberrymum is making them so I can't make her one???


Chris H said...

Good luck with the search.
your parcel will be at the office on Monday Stew said.

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Karen,

wow how exciting for you.
Good luck with finding a nice place to live and having friends with the knowledge of the area will help a lot.

Also what a great idea that little pin wheel is - I will have to make one - thank you for that.

Fingers crossed for you Karen and hope that the neck pains will let up probably is due to the stress of moving, so hope that you can realx soon.
Take care.

Nanci said...

That is so true that pinwheel tutorial. I didn't know any better and I made my first quilt with pinwheels...a single quilt cut on a 9 x 12 mat...imagine that and I have enough cut to make another quilt...I have moved on from that though..
Hope you find a great space for your life in your new job...