Monday, July 20, 2009

Jelly Rolls

Seeing Nanci's picture of Jelly Rolls reminded me I didn't take a photo of my boob roll on Friday night. YOu see in the quilting world there are Jelly Rolls which are a roll of about 40 x 2.5" strips the width of the fabric and there are many patterns for strip quilting.

My friend SusanClaire in my favourites list is selling Belly Rolls which are 5" strips, Spring Rolls - little squares rolled up and tied with string etc etc.

On Friday we celebrated Emma's 5 years since BC and therefore she's not taking any medication now. So I made her a Boob Roll .. I rolled up several pink, red and brown strips first then I wrapped creams, tans, fawns and neutral fabrics around them. I put my finger in the middle to push the 'nipple' out! It caused a lot of laughs and hilarity.

At Christmas time I made Jellie Rolls for a $10 secret Santa at the Quilting club. I rolled up strips around a packet of Jelly!!

Off to work. Have a great day

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Nanci said...

Oh I think 5" Jellies would be great. I'm going tohave a look.
Thanks for mentioning me in your post.
My nine patch blocks are looking so fabulous. I love "oh cherry oh!"