Sunday, July 5, 2009

WHAT THE ?????

Yeap, everyone thinks I'm mad but I'm tidying up before the removal guy comes to have a look at my stuff on Thursday. And everyone says "Why.. they're going to pack it anyway".. but I figure why move my rubbish???
So I've been tidying my bedroom, the bathroom cupboards and the kitchen/laundry cupboards this weekend... I've sorted my quilting magazines... given a few away. And now my bookshelves look so tidy.
Today I've tidied my craft cupboard (also known as the linen cupboard).. and I've even sorted my buttons and my beads, my ribbons and other bits and pieces. They look so organised .. will I ever use them who knows?

Tomorrow night I'll start in the sewing room and fill up the 60 litre plastic bins that I bought with my fabric.. not sure if 2 will be enough ..
And then I have the man cupboard to sort out... Why Man Cupboard.. cause its tall enough and long enough for a man to live in.. that's the one I was going to find to give me money, do the housework, cook, and go fishing on Sundays.... and come out when I was lonely!! Not the blow up variety Chris haha.


Chris H said...

Ha ha!
I have one of those pink Tupperware containers too! AND I keep sewing bits and bobs in it... lol.
Have fun sorting out all your stuff! Moving is a good excuse for a clean out.

Draffin Bears said...

Always neat to have a good clean up, with times like this.

Have a good week and hope all the packing and organizing goes well for you.