Sunday, July 19, 2009

The burglars have been

My house looks like the burglars have been in every room. (I can't possibly put photos in..

I am sorting ... clothes I haven't worn for over 2 years.. for the sallies, kitchen cupboard stuff I haven't used for over a year (that's anything to do with baking!@!!), tools.. why do I need 10 screwdrivers (share them with my son) and I need to work out how many plants I'm taking.. I've collected succulents for 5 years but they sadly don't care the annual tlc since I became addicted to patchwork.

But before I disappear amongt the chaos here's the photos of my gorgeous goodie bag I won for naming Chirs H's new vehicle in Diet Coke Rocks. Of course it had to be Rocky or Roxy depending on whether its male or female!!! It all came in a beautiful little satin bag .. wish my curves were like thisCute little buttons and charms A lovely peice of fluffy fabric, a fat quarter of coffee fabric.. I know exactly what to do with it...

Any yummy.. Quilt Diva.. a wallhanging pattern thats 49" by 24" ..

and I am tracing it out so I can put it together while I'm living in the motel for a week. I have to find all the fabrics of course but hey, its a good way to sort out my fabrics ready for moving haha. It's so cool, I love her already. Have to make it look like me!!! And last but not least, the lovely Chris sent this fabric.. which has several Quilting sayings in panels ready to make into a wallhanging, quilt or cushions for my NEW sewing room. (I'm not sure if Quilting keeps me sane... I don't feel very sane these days haha). It made my day getting all this treasure Chris. You went to so much trouble to find things specially for me and I am so wrapped. You will have to come down when I get Diva finished.. or whenever.. Thank you Thank you thank you.

I did have some more bad news this week but I can't dwell on it. My dear beautiful friend in Brisbane who I love dearly like a sister has terminal cancer. The DR has been treating her for a heart problem over the last 8 months but ten days ago she became very ill and he decided to order an urgent MRI. She is on heavy pain killers for CA bowel, lungs, liver and kidney. No treatment possible. I remember when I lived next door to Fay she always had a terrible cough. The Dr treated her with medication but I guess she got used to it and never complained enough... she was making concrete paths and painting the flats. Fay walked 5kms to the library!!!!! She has been so fit and well until the last 8 months. I'm going to get the move over and hopefully get a cheap airfare for a long weekend very soon as I want to go and see her before she is too unwell like Dad and Aunty were.

UPDATE - PM a possible tennant came through at 2pm...and I think she might take it. She's my age, single, and new to PN. So fingers crossed she'll take it as I'd like someone nice to live in "my" house. She likes gardening so that's got to be good!


Chris H said...

Good God! I saw your title and thought you had been robbed!
You pain.
Glad you liked your gifts!
Hope the move goes smoothly for you.

Nanci said...

I learned early on, with four children to be very minimilstic as they took up a lot of room!
I am still that way after all these years. I tend to look at anything that sits for a while as "extra" and if I haven't used something in a year, it's gone.
Now quilting makes me look at everything differently. I keep so much nowadays.
It is a sad fact of life we face as we get older that people we cherish will pass on. Some peacefully and others like your friend. Hopefully, you will be able to see her soon and be able to tell her what a lovely influence she was in your life.

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Karen,

It is always such an upheaval moving isn't it! boxes everywhere.
You will get it sorted and don't stress and just take one box at a time.
I love all the gifts you got ~ how neat.
Sorry to hear about your friend and I hope that you will be able to get over to see her.

Have a good week