Monday, June 1, 2009

50th birthdays

Well, here I am making my little sister a lovely bag for her birthday and on friday I receive a text from my niece "just wondering what you're up to for Mum's birthday as we know you will be up to something"....
I replied "I'm making a bag for her sewing things"....
"Oh, that's very nice of YOU"...she replied.

I was going to write a poem but I always do that at the last minute (not sure what to write about an "always really nice" girl but am now considering other tricks maybe find the funny birthday hat etc etc. If I don't I think they'll all be dissapointed. It's usually easy for me but lately my imagination is tired. So 5 days to think up some way of making her 50th one she will never forget!!

Any ideas please??

LATER- I am an expert at reverse stitching. The bag has been sewn and unpicked 3 times but is now complete apart from the fasteners. I'm now making a little pocket book for needles, tape measure etc etc using some of my selveges.

Chris my family know that I will do something to take the mickey on special events ie. Like Stew's farewell and the rooster... none of them are quite like me for devilment.. so it will happen.. I've got my littlest sister making placecards with baby photos of R.. some oh so not cute ones haha. The poem will be written last thing.. I usually wake up during the night before and the words are there. Dad will help me this time for sure. He would have written one too.

Yesterday I spent the day working at Toad Hall. Oh heaven.. to work amongst fabrics, and colour and such nice people. Susan Claire is a very clever lady and her gift packs of fabric are so much fun.. muffins, spring rolls, etc. Her latest mystery block is available today free for a month. I have to catch up .. most of my group are making it and are up to date.

But maybe I won't be here in a month or so... I did enjoy working in the Hutt office but it's a really big move to pack up and shift alone again!

Holiday first. And tonight my patchwork group are coming around so I better wiggle my butt and tidy up.

OH and I now have a tattooed boob!!! On Friday it was healing well and I'll get the dressing off for good tomorrow. Evidently it fades quite a bit over 3 months so the tattoo is a darker shade. There were about 25 shades to choose from, the first one she mixed up she didn't like. It's like going to the Resene Shop only you don't get sample pots to take home. An hour later I was busing back to the office but a bit worse for wear after the local anaesthetic. They really spin me out haha. (I wasn't allowed to do any work for the afternoon hehe).


Draffin Bears said...

Hi Karen,

I feel a little like you hard to be imaginative when it comes to thinking what to do for a birthday Girl.
I think old photos posted on a board is always fun and a laugh.

Good luck with coming up with something and finishing the bag.
I hope that you are having a good Queens birthday!


Chris H said...

I don't think it's very nice of her family to put the onus on you to make her birthday special!
Tell them that too.
I am sure the bag will be gorgeous.

Chris H said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY YA TART! Same day as our eldest son ... HOpe you had and are having a lovely day. {{{HUGS}}}
9th June, 2009