Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Oh my God things are sinking in. I am still waiting for the OFFICIAL phone call but I AM MOVING .. FAR OUT!!!

I think I am excited and nervous.. It's huge at 52 to be moving on my own where I know noone ..eekkk but hey 3 quilt clubs to go too.. I'm sure I'll meet new friends.

I've decided to go and buy some big plastic bins (with lids) to pack my fabrics etc in. Don't want any rough and ready moving man to leave them in the rain! I'll have to collect good boxes for my breakables and I"ll pack them myself .. maybe take a car full to my sisters .. geez am I a worry wart? JUst some things I'd hate someone else to break them... I'd HATE THEM. So if I break them it's okay.. it's an accident!

Off to work.. I can put up with lazy big mouth on the front desk now.. I ain't gonna be there for much longer YES YES YES YES YES


Chris H said...

AND you won my 'Name the Car' competitoin too!
I will send your prize via DX in a few days, once I have decided JUST what to send you!!! lol

Draffin Bears said...

Oh how exciting for you Karen!
A biggie isn't it the thought of moving, but a fun one.

Have a good Tuesday.