Friday, June 19, 2009

Fabric fabric fabric

I forgot this blog loads the photos last one first so these are all upside down.. however These are the squares I've cut out of flannel and polar fleece for the back.. to make a raggy rug. Hopefully tomorrow at sewing day I will get a lot of it done. I arranged for Wright Fabrics to come to town last weekend and bought myself a birthday present or two.. I love batiks. Some of it is for lucky draws for our Saturday sewing girls...

I really love the one on the left with the peace signs. I thought I'd put it in a quilt for my daughter sometime. Her scar is the shape of a peace or BMW sign and I just think the fabric and colours are gorgeous.

The colours aren't quite right

these are birthday presents I've received from my sisters... gorgeous paua and lime soap and 'patchwork' chocolates from Little Sis and a silk ribbon necklace from my other sis in Nelson.

I also got these black and whites from my boss in Lower Hutt. How cool is that? She doesn't know anything about it but went to the shop and found some especially. I do like black and whites and have been collecting them but can't remember telling her???

Mr Wright Fabrics sent me these samples yesterday to say thank you for organising everything at the weekend. Yeah okay they're only samples (I did get 'xtra' fabric at the weekend but imagine these all sewn together on a bag or a scrappy quilt. One day.

And today I went back for my routine mammogram. Peice of cake but then she called me back in for extra slides "just to be thorough". Hmm deja vu! I will know on Monday if there's anything funny and if no news it'll be good news. I think Ms Left Breast just wanted more attention!


Chris H said...

OOO I love all the fabrics! How nice of Mr Wright to give you more for free too. He does that!
I am sure the mammograme person was just being extra careful with you cos of your history mate, don't worry!

Shirley Goodwin said...

I had exactly the same thing with my recent mammogram - nothing like twice squashed! But the news was all good. Lots of lovely fabric, and thanks for dropping by my blog.