Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sewing Day

Sewing Day was so much fun again. Every month about 13 - 16 ladies turn up to a hall with our sewing machines and projects to finish and we sew , talk, sew, laugh, sew, eat, and sew some more from 9am till 4pm. It's amazing how much we can get done when the phone doesn't ring, the visitors don't arrive, and we don't get sidetracked with housework etc.

I put together all the flannel blocks and have laid these out on my floor ready to organise and sew the rows together. I also made two blocks for a quilt that our Club is making for our President. She is not well and is having surgery this week for ovarian cancer. But she has a brilliant attitude and all our thoughts are with her!
So we're making a quilt in cream, taupe and natural colours. I've made one using selveges in those colours and have also nearly finished a folded fabric flower. To be finished tonight and handed in tomorrow!
I've been tidying and sorting all my 'treasures' and 'piles' of stuff today. Hell, if I have to shift I have a lot of chucking to do... hmmm well maybe! I guess I will know definitely by the end of this week or beginning of next where my life is happening. Hope so, I know what causes diverticulitis now... too much stress!! haha It's just gotta be another chapter in the life of ME!


Chris H said...

The flannel quilt is adorable, I love love love the colours.
Who said diverticulitis was caused by stress? Our son Russell had/has it.. and we were told it was often hereditary, was aggrivated by not eating enough roughage in your diet and the pockets in your lower intestine/colon filled and got infected... bla bla bla thus causing the pain etc. JUST SAYING. If stress aggrivates it.. that's news to me!
ONWARD....oh and good luck for the end of the week, let me know asap if you have any news!

Chris H said...

I'm sure I've left a comment on this post already... anyway... PLEASE when you leave me a comment using "anonymous" that you add your NAME cos you ain't gunna win any prizes unless ya do!