Friday, June 12, 2009

Birthdays over again

My sister loved her birthday celebrations. What a weekend... I ate, I partied, I laughed. It was neat to spend time with my sisters and their families. The book was finished - I did chain stitch between each page and then threaded wool and ribbons between the loops..and the bag too! Wonders never cease. I finished them on time!
I got home on Tuesday, my birthday, after travelling from Wellington to Napier and back and I'm still knackered! Another early night tonight and hopefully I'll be back to normal tomorrow. It'll be catch up on housework, sewing and shopping. Wright Fabrics from Morrinsville is in town so a little bit of late birthday shopping .. well, any excuse... I have enough batiks to make several quilts but they are so yummy......
and on Sunday I am helping make charity quilts with the Committee.
I visited a friend last night and told her I was going to apply for the job in Lower Hutt and she cried. Pleaded with me not to leave Palmy. Made me feel quite anxious is such a huge decision but hell, I have to get the job first and there are so many staff without jobs due to restructuring this week I may be just too optimistic! Looked at rentals down there too and a lot more expensive than here.... so one day at a time ah.


Draffin Bears said...

Happy birthday my dear friend for the 9th!
Sorry I did not get around to wishing you this on the day, but I had gone down to Tauranga to visit my Dad and Mum.

Glad that Raelene's birthday went well and another milestone under the belt.
Have a great weekend.

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Karen,

Happy Birthday my friend!
sorry I did not get around to wishing you a happy birthday but I was down in Tauranga.
Glad that Raelene's birthday went well and how neat to catch up with all the family.

I went down to visit Dad and Mum.
Dad had prostate operation about 6 months ago and seems like the cancer might still be there.
He is going over for a scan soon.

Karen that will be neat to apply for the job in Wellington.
Don't they say a change is as good as a rest. Wishing you all the best
whatever you decide to do.

Have a great weekend

Chris H said...

I love all that you did for your sister's birthday!
AS for the Wellington Job.. you are right... there are lots out there with none... I think you are doing the right thing applying for a job where they WANT YOU (heavily emphasized).... cos if you stay where you are in Palmy who knows what could happen in the future??? With that PLACE you just never know... though some DO...................

Chris H said...

YOU don't read my blog! Otherwise you would know that I sold my old machine last week and it went to a lady in Waipukarau! AND I got almost what I paid for it a year ago too! But yes, I wish I had it back right now cos it never ever broke down on me.
Mr Wright never forgets the money we spend in his shop I reckon! I have spent about $500 in there in two visits! He's nice though. What do you think of his material, in particular his batiks? I think they are awesome.
Off shopping now cos I'm so crabby I need something to cheer me up!

Chris H said...

Remember that tv programme years ago about prisoners in a German Prison Camp... and the German guard who was always saying "I know NOOOTHING"? Same.
Only he did know something.

Chris H said...

I got that ribbon at Hodgson's Sewing Centre in Howick. Do you want me to get you some then? I am going over there again soon for a lesson on the machine.... that ribbon was around $2 a metre.