Sunday, May 24, 2009

Meeting Deadlines

I had a great day sewing with friends at the Womens Expo held in Palmy yesterday. Got heaps done on the book for my sister and heres the last page finished. The hanky is one of my late Aunty's. The colours on the flower fitted in well and the organza ribbon behind the crocheted flowers was on a bunch sent to Mum after Dad died. See I don't let anyone throw stuff away haha. I'm busy putting it all together today and adding the finishing touches.

I had dinner at Carol's and then we sewed till midnight. I started Raelene's bag.. look at this cool selvedge I've added .. so apt for her 50th birthday. "Vintage Chic" .. what a hoot finding that amongst my collection.I finally got my photos printed, thanks to The Cloth Shop and I've decided to make her a little bag inside the big one, for needles, cottons etc with Dad's roses and his garden on top. They printed the rose ones twice by mistakes but I'm going to make something for myself with the other four. Or maybe put them into Dad's garden quilt one day.
My daughter is on her way to take me on the surprise tonight!! I think it might be tickets to Kelvin Cruickshank .. psychic! It's the only thing I've seen advertised in town tonight. I would be thrilled to go to his show. But I'm not getting too excited. Knowing my daughter Haylee she could have me going to the night maze!! God help her haha. I am just wrapped she's going to so much effort for me.
And still no decision! I will apply for the job of course but it's heart wrenching thinking of leaving my friends and the life I've built up. But I LOVE working in the team I work with now... and helping by giving advice to others, having a laugh and feeling appreciated. If I stay in Palmy and go back to my old job on 1 September I will have to start all over again. It has changed so much...
I thought I'd had enough challenges for a lifetime. What would you do.. if you were single, 50's, renting, and in my position????


Draffin Bears said...

Hi Karen,

Raelene's book is looking lovely and she is going to be thrilled with her gift.

Enjoy your evening out and have fun.


Chris H said...

Very pretty! I think you will love living in wellington... eventually! You just have to apply!