Friday, May 8, 2009

What a sad day

What devastating news yesterday in Napier. My heart goes out to everyone up there who is desperately waiting for the armed gunman's seige to be over. It is absolutely gutwrenching to think that a person could be so crazy that he could not give a damn about anyone else or himself. He knows what the end result will be. How can someone be so evil. And in our country!!

I hope it is over tonight. My daughter in Taradale can hear the gunshots. They are all anxious and unsettled. I can't imagine how the families of the Snee family and the families of those men who have been shot, feel. My heart goes out to you all and to all the police and armed defenders who are putting their own lifes at risk to stop this guy shooting.

My son was beaten up on Wednesday night while walking home from work. Somebody saw him getting money out of the hole in the wall, followed him and pushed him to the ground. He tried to fight them off but a second person came. Ken thought they might have been trying to help him but instead they kicked him in the head and knocked him out. They had a knife but obviously just wanted to frighten him but from struggling with him Ken has knife wounds on both arms and his head. Luckily they took $140 he had for his rent and took off. He has a headache but he's alive.

What's happening in the World... Drugs, Alcohol, Unemployment... should we all be afraid now, feel unsafe????? I'm not even going to think about it or I would never leave my house. But it's so very, very sad.


Draffin Bears said...

Hi Karen,

It is so awful what is happening down in Napier and my heart goes out to all the people there.
I heard one Man yesterday and he can't get back to the house to feed his pets.

I was sorry to hear about Ken and that is just so awful. I hope that he is feeling better - does he live in Palmerston North?

As you say what is the world coming to? It should not be like this.

Have a good weekend

clare's craftroom said...

Just came across your blog and read about your poor son , how scary . I hadn't heard about the shootings but I will keep them in my thoughts .

Helen said...

Hi KayJay

So sorry to hear about your son being attacked. The world is not always a wonderful place. I hope he is healing well.