Friday, May 15, 2009


A neat old suitcase that I can decoupage one day and a tin box with handles that will look gorgeous when it's polished up. I'm sure I'll find something to store in it.

Old stamps - I will take the rubber print off, make my own stamps and use these to stamp hand dyed fabric in the future. I won't get my fingers dirty now. The other contraption on the left is a One hole -Hole punch. It's really sharp and I managed to put a hole in 8 pieces of card so I'm hoping it will work with lutrador or fabric with bonding!!

I have been wombling this week! Our youngest staff did a spring clean in the strong room. I was too busy to take any notice until she had filled a huge box, big enough for a fridge. Then I noticed all the neat stuff she was throwing out. Some not very old i.e pencils... I asked why she was throwing out good HB pencils... "cause noone uses them here"??? What about the journals - they're expensive "T prefers an exercise book"..????? I think she must be on a good wage bracket because I think thats a waste.

I found heaps of 'treasures' - oval boards that I can seal and cover with fabric and artificial flowers and cones for decoration (maybe a christmas present). wooden trays, a long needle for threading through card, masking tape????? By the time I finished, another staff member had cottoned on to it and took card and paper for the school, and another took stationery and stamps for the grandchildren. Document trays (about 20)... - nothing wrong with them and I bet staff will be looking for them in the future! OH dear I might be a womble but another persons junk is someone else's treasure.
Have a look at our Club blog too on
for the other winning entries in our Go Green Challenge. There were 32 entries all up. It was amazing!


Chris H said...

Sheesh, I wish I'd been in on that clean up!
Love the suitcase and tin box~!

Erilyn said...

Such cool finds! Well done - looking to see what you will do with them in time.

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Karen,

What a lot of goodies you have got.
Strange how some people are so wasteful.

I hope that your Mother is feeling better. Please give her my love.

Enjoy your weekend