Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mothers Day

Today I went to a new monthly Sunday School, not the drinking kind, sewing and it was great fun and productive. I took along a fabric book I started making last year for my sister's 30th wedding anniversary.

As per usual in our family I lost interest and so now they've been married 31 years.

30 years is Pearl so I've made the book in pearl, cream and white. One page will have! 30 + 1 pearls on it... the page with the grid. This is two pages which will be sewn back to back when finished. YOu cant see it but I have appliqued THIRTY in squares which I need to satin stitch yet.

The front cover is this one with a bocquet of pearl coloured buttons, and Raelene's hand (I've had everyone' s hand prints since I made a family tree of our hands for my parents 50th wedding anniversary). Underneath her hand you can read the dates etc of their wedding.

This is some old fashioned lace that I cut up and sewed onto a page with a few pearls.

Pages 5 & 6 still need a bit of work done to them and page 7 I've decided to redo completely. A photo of them taken last year which will have colour so it's the only page that will have a bit of turquoise blue on it.
The last page is Phillip's hand and a few charms sewn on it. The fingers hang over the edge too. I've sewn shower curtain rings on the side of the front page and will plait a variety of wools, cords and threads together to tie it all up.
I'd like to finish it before I go to her 50th birthday next month so have started finishing it.
It was a fun way to spend Mothers Day. My son was at work and my daughters both busy being Mum's themselves.
I saw my own Mum yesterday and caught up with Nette. She is one of 3 to win a business scholarship award in New Zealand. The scholarship means a 6 day trip to Sydney to attend a business management convention, a day with a world renowned motivational speaker (on her own) and visits to Kiwi business owners in Sydney that have made it big.
She is thrilled. Considering she has achieved this without any degree or diplomas I am so very, very proud of her. The panel were in awe of what she has done and told her she deserved to receive it. There were 84 applicants.
I am so glad the seige in Napier is over and the gunman is deceased. A close friend works in the prison service and said the prisoners were saying he's a hero! I am lost for words.
I hope you all you mothers out there had a great time today as I did. Winter is here and I'm off to bed with a good book.


Chris H said...

That book is going to be gorgeous!
You have every right to be proud of your daughter!
That guy in Napier was no bloody hero ... he was a murderer and a coward. Some people are just stupid..plain stupid to try and say he was a hero!

Erilyn said...

Well done, Karen - getting on with the book and with having such a motivated daughter! Perhaps you have passed on some great characteristics - perseverance, motivation, determination!

Piwacket said...

What a lovely book!