Sunday, May 17, 2009


I've wasted the morning trying to print photos onto fabric. First I succeeded in getting two of my sister's wedding photos onto the shop bought fabric paper. However, the second page got stuck in the printer and jammed it. Waste of $7.50.
So then I tried fabric soaked in bubblejet which someone in my house group swears by, but oh no it got stuck too! Now my printer is just about out of coloured ink. So choices, pay $20.00 a page to get it printed at the shop or buy $80 worth of ink. Hmmmm I'm thinking I'll just do without.
this is the Family Tree page and I thought I'd put their 3 children under it. Cute photos when they will little!

So the book is nearly finished but there will be no more photos! The bag for my sister won't have photos of Dad's roses on it so I'll have to find some fabric that will work in with my idea to make a quick sewing bag for her bits and pieces.

And now shopping is great therapy so I'm off to find some little pearl beads at Spotlight to finish one page of the book and maybe buy a big fat sausage roll from New World!! It's pouring down and blowing a gale but I can warm up afterwards by the heater.


Chris H said...

Hmmmm, I was thinking of getting a photo put on material too... where do I go?
I'm pleased to hear it is miserable weather down there, it is here too! I would be pissed if it was lovely and fine down there when it's crap here for sure. Sorry!

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Karen,

How awfully frustrating for you.
I know what you are saying with the price for the ink cartridges for the printer. I seem to always want to print something and the kids have used it all up.

It sounds lovely what you are making for Raelene and I hope that you can work it out.

I hope you are having a good day

Edwina Murray said...

I am sorry to hear that your attempts at printing on fabric have turned out badly. I have used the homemade fabric several times with reasonably good luck. After soaking the fabric in the Bubble JetSet 2000,letting it dry, I then ironed it onto freezer paper and cutout my pieces. I did find that if you cut off the corners of the paper it goes through the printer better. And yes the ink can be expensive. I bought some refill packages at Walmart and they worked quite well. But like you say, at $20 a page to have it done professionally, maybe you could get a lot of pictures on one page. Good luck! It is a great idea!

SandyQuilts said...

I'm sorry. I spray cardstock with the adhesive and then press the fabric 1/4" down. I've had pretty good luck getting the fabric to go through my printer using the cardstock. Freezer paper doesn't work for me.

Marianne Bos said...

I used to get my photos printed onto fabric by a commercial photocopy place but the cost was high. I have since bought the fabric sheets that go through the printer. I found they jammed when they were not stored completely flat and so then I rolled them the opposite way and secured them with a rubber band for about 10 minutes. Take out any other paper and make sure to set the printer to the correct paper setting. Hope this helps