Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Single girls birthdays

I saved another steel box from the dump today. This is a rectangle one, a mate for the square one they were going to throw out last week at work. What will I do with them?
I'll probably clean them up and keep treasures in them. Not sure if I can paint over them? Hate to ruin the old 'used' look! I ordered a book from Quilt Books New Zealand in Hamilton and received it today. It's an early birthday present for me... well, I have to buy what a husband would buy for me if I had one ah? Us single girls look after ourselves! Over and over again haha.

Look at this. This is such a gorgeous quilt made from just one fabric. You just layer your fabrics at exactly the same pattern and cut 60 degree triangles. Put 6 together and that's what it makes. This is the fabric used in the book. (I must learn how to use my new camera properly).

And I've already bought the fabric to make one.

But I am still finishing my sister's book and need to start her bag and finish them both by 3 June. I have a full day sewing at Womens Expo in town on Saturday so heaps of time.
And guess what? My daughter Haylee is coming down on Sunday to take me out for an early birthday present. It's a surprise but after 6 weeks I think.. I think I may have worked it out. And I am so excited!!! Fingers crossed I'm right but otherwise I am sure it'll be something good.
I'll let you know if I'm right.


Draffin Bears said...

Hi Karen,

Your steel boxes look wonderful and I would leave them as they are. Will be great for storing your fabrics and things.

The book you bought looks lovely and isn't it fun to get something new with great ideas.

Enjoy your birthday outing with Haylee and look forward to hearing what you get up to.


Chris H said...

There is a lady in my class who has made one of those.. and it really is amazing! I can't wait to see yours!

Chris H said...

I ordered my new sewing machine today... OMG I'm so excited! Those boxes are awesome! We used to go to the recycling centre in Hamilton years ago and found some amazing 'junk'... leave it 'natural'... it's gorgeous!