Friday, October 7, 2011

Beeautiful stuff!

I am way overdue for posting.  But I am still here, just been avoiding the keyboard but my shoulder is so much better now. I've torn the rotator cuff by shifting my beaautiful sewing machine and table.  But I went to a Cranial Osteopath - first time for me.  I was a bit freaked the first time and didn't hold out much hope.  He only touched my heels, my shoulder blades and my head, no massage or deep tissue therapy , just touch.  I felt a lot better after two days so went back for another treatment yesterday.  Whatever he does it works!!  It will be a long time before it heals completely but I have 90% more movement. 

Anyway that's not what I wanted to gloat about.. 
Here is my beeeautiful sewing machine on it's own Jones table in the corner of my sewing room/lounge.  I loooovvveee it.   

On the wall is this beeeautiful picture that my grandson made for me when he was 7 years old.  It was the best Christmas present I'd ever had.  He painted over newspaper for texture.  I love it.  It's so precious.

I was so lucky today to find this runner and a doilie at the op shop not far from work.  It's a regular lunchtime haunt.. when I have nothing else to do.  I'm going to put the runner on a long cushion to put on the bed and the doilie will go on my 1930's quilt.

This is my design wall which is 2 huge canvases on hinges and covered with flannel backed tablecloths.  It can fold in two and fits in my car if I wanted to take it to a retreat.  The fabrics that are on it are curtain samples 100% cotton.  A nearby shop was having a clearance sale over the last two weeks and I couldn't help myself.  They also had a FREE box and some of these fabrics were free!!!  I have enough on another waterfall for the border and more than enough for the sashings as I'll do it Quilt as you go. 

I know you can't see much but I will post a photo when it's finished.  I have a deadline for this one.

Remember the polysterene head I found in the second hand shop.  Well I intend to cover it with pretty buttons and have been playing.  I think I will paint it black or a very dark purple and then attach the buttons with wire looped through both holes so it doesn't stand out like these pins haha.  And finally here's the funny of the week. 

Because New Zealand has the Rugby World Cup here the whole of the country is celebrating.  It is so wonderful to see flags from all nations on cars and in shop windows.  People are happy and excited.  At work I had an idea to have a competition to decorate our work areas.  The bosses liked it so we divided all the staff into 20 areas and each group drew a country out of the hat.  Our group got Georgia so we've been decorating our work area with red and white.  I made a flag out of curtain fabric (of course) and we have made our area look like a changing room complete with locker, boxers, linament and the gorgeous wife on the locker door??.  However instead of being rugby players we decided to wear tutus and be Cheerleaders!!  Only on Fridays for morning tea though.  It's not a pretty look haha but I thought I'd give you all a laugh.

Someone said we looked like the sugar plum fairies, I'd say more like a Christmas pudding is me!!  It's all fun, and it's been a success so far. 



Loretta said...

You look as if you are having fun. I love love your sewing machine and its table! I have a vintage one and am now wondering if I should pull it out. Thanks for sharing. Hugs!

Chris H said...

Stew's office is decorated in some country or other... they all are in his building.
Your Jones sewing machine and table look wonderful.

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Karen,

I enjoyed seeing your photographs and reading your post. Sorry to hear about the rotator cuff injury - I had that once and it is painful - remember going for physio and it came right. Have a friend that just had an operation for hers.
I love your Jones table and sewing machine and how lucky to get that. Also like your Cheerleader look! Yes, "Go the All Blacks"!!!

Happy weekend

Laurie said...

Ouch, rotator cuff injuries run in my family. I hope you feel better soon -- that treatment you're getting sounds very interesting! 'Love your tutu!