Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Batteries and Buttons

You know what it's like.  For weeks you look forward to something and all too soon it is over and life returns to normal.  I have been waiting for Myra to visit for weeks and she's been, now she's gone home and it was an incredibly great visit but not long enough.  I worried about wearing her out though, but I'm the one who's worn out haha.  I need Energizer Batteries... big ones haha.  Oh it's been so much fun but now my house seems too quiet and empty. 

We were out a lot and included a visit to Golders Cottage in Upper Hutt, built in 1800's and still original in many ways. 

No taps for the water here, and this is the safe and the store room for preserves!

This beautiful dolls house was featured inside.  there is so much detail.  I wish I could have got better close up photos.

Remember the old gramophone.  My grandparents had one and we loved to watch the needle going around and around the record when we were kids.

The Long Drop at the back of the garden.  I remember being frightened by spiders in one as a child.

We went to Parliament Buildings.  I don't think I've been there since I was at School.

 One of the highlights of the weekend was a visit to a button collector who lives here.  There were a few visitors there also.  I adore buttons, especially old ones.  Aren't these amazing.   American Celluloid.  How much work went into making them back then.  And these childrens buttons 1920-1940 are so cute!
Here's me in my element.  Looking through the button boxes.  Eek... $ signs !!!

Old Vintage Coat buttons

These are made of Shell.  Click on the photo to enlarge it.  They are stunning.

Luckily we have the same interests.  We never get bore together. 
Thank you for coming Myra.  I can't wait till the next time.


stufenzumgericht said...

Dear Karen,
what a happy time you've both hve been sharing together. Thanks for beautiful Pictures and yes, I agree with you, that beeing together with same minded friends as quilters are, it's never ever boring ;-)
Hugs from Martina
(sent an e-mail to Britta)

Tracee said...

So nice to hear that Myra has caught up with you and that you both got to spend some great quality time together. Take care both of you. :)

GittaS said...

very nice buttons!!!!!

Chris H said...

I'm so glad your visit went well with Myra. I love buttons too.
In fact I'm sure I have one of those buttons above... in the first buttons photo, bottom left.

June said...

Lots of lovely eye candy Karen, that amazing doll house and the buttons! wow - and you were quick off the mark to put me on the front page!! Many thanks.

ButtonMad said...

Curious to know if you saw any of our handmade and handpainted buttons from South Africa? Some of our oldest ones go back 25 years...each one is completely unique - and the best part(besides the hundreds of cute designs we make) - they are fully machine washable!