Sunday, October 9, 2011

Kaleidoscope Quilting

the fabric I've used is on the right
Today I went to a Kaleidoscope quilt class held by our club Capital Quilters with Sheryl Mooney.  I've always wanted to make a quilt and have had the book "One Block Wonders" for 3 years!! but I find I learn quicker by watching someone do it first.  A couple of years ago I bought fabric to make these quilts (without reading the instructions I might add) and sadly I didn't have enough repeats to use them.

I bought this fabric quite awhile ago for $3 a metre at Spotlight.  I had to be careful with it because the repeats didn't match on the fold line!  A few of us had problems with this.  But here it is.. some have been sewn and the rest I have played with since I got home. 

There's a bit of reverse stitching to do.. sewing on the bias is temperamental but "Bizzy Lizzy" is amazing.

Of all these that I've played with there are no repeats in design.  I still have a pile of blocks yet to play with but I can't be distracted from my other project which I'd like to have done in the next 10 days. 

It was a gorgeous sunny day today, too nice to be inside really.  So when I got home I watered the garden.  ONe of my late aunties orchids is in flower this year.  I am very pleased as they haven't flowered since she died 3 years ago.  Isn't it so dainty, fragile even.  The second one is in bud but the third isn't.  Maybe next year.

And my succulent is in full flower now.  I've seen a few around Lower Hutt so it's maybe not so 'Amazing' haha but I love it.  Myra arrives in 11 days for a few days.  It's her first visit to my home down here and we have a lot of places to go including a Button Club meeting and visit's to a few antique shops, maybe patchwork shops.. haha I think we'll eat sometime too!!

Back to the rugby.  I'm watching the quarter finals of the World Cup Rugby.  New Zealand and Argentina.  Never used to care about it before but the World Cup has been really exciting.  I hope everyone is well and celebrating life. 


Barb said...

Wow....your quilt is going to be one amazing quilt!

Petras Kramkiste said...

hi Karen, i´m so happy to read you, what´s about Myra does she feel better?

The Quilt will be great, it looks very coulorfull...

Hugs Petra

Vicki W said...

I'm usually not much into flowers but I am really drawn to this quilt. It's got a nice 30's feel to it. It's going to be beautiful!

blauraute said...

Hi Karen,
it's wonderful to take a walk on your beautiful blog. Gorgeous pictures.
Hav a nice week