Thursday, October 27, 2011

Buttons up

It's been a lovely day but really turned cool this evening. I went to Pinestream Quilters meeting tonight in Upper Hutt with my friend June I always enjoy seeing quilts and sharing ideas and of course getting a new bundle of library books to read. (As if I need more ideas). tonight someone was giving away scrap bags so I was lucky enough to grab one of them too.

Pretty glass, orange, pink and red. Moonglows - that's the bottom blue, A couple of brown art deco buttons and others.
 Thought I'd show you some of my latest button finds.. Myra and I found a few antique and opportunity shops over her stay.  I'm always on the look out for a button jar which just might have some treasure in it.   
Three Buckets Full in Lower Hutt has an awful lot of buttons.  Tooo many!  Wendy also has a $1 bowl.  Eek $1 doesn't sound much but it soon grows to $5. 

I love "Twinkles".  The big one in the photo is very rare. I was so lucky to find it for $5. 

It was really grubby but I cleaned it up with this stuff that's like Steelo's which we clean pots and pans with in New Zealand but a very fine one.

I'm told you can only buy it in Europe so I appreciate my friend Ruth giving me some. It goes a long way.

My collection of 'twinkles'

Beautiful clear buttons with 3d designs

Glass Art Deco Buttons - the colours are gorgeous.  I love them.


Barb said...

Love your buttons...

stufenzumgericht said...

Dear Karen,
wonderful buttons, really beautiful, love'em all!
Please check the Link for June, I guess,it might be wrong ;-)
Hugs, Martina

Kayjay in New Zealand said...

Thank you Martina. I have fixed the link for June now. She is a lovely lady and a well known tutor in the area. June has also taught quilting in the Womens Prison nearby for over 14 years.

marianne bos said...

Absolutely LOVE the buttons,

Had a giggle about the steelos because when I come home to NZ I pack steelos in my suitcase as I cant buy them in Singapore!

Pokey said...

I so adore your buttons, Kay! The are beautiful! I recently saw a lady decorate her sewing room wall with button display cards. Mine are all in jars, I hope to get them displayed sometime. What do you do with your pretties?

June said...

Thank you for the link and the kind comments, Karen. I do not need to collect anything else :) but you are making me look at my button tins a little more closely, I used them to keep my granddaughters amused when they were little. I just love the deco ones.

blauraute said...

You collected wonderful buttons, I love them all. I'm very interesting what do you do with all these buttons.
Have a nice day and hugs