Sunday, September 25, 2011

Never start the big jobs

I decided to spring clean my sewing room YES AGAIN!!! I'm sure I'll never use all this fabric and I need more room, especially when Myra comes to visit next month and of course I had to find the right place for my new Jones sewing machine.  I've bought an old cast iron "Jones" tredle table for it to sit on. 

Of course being the single, independant , stubborn woman I am I moved it all by myself amidst the chaos that was in the room because I can. 
But lifting a heavy table while dodging the disarray of furniture in the room I did myself an injury.   I think I've strained the rotator cuff again!!)  It's very painful if I try to lift my arm.  So stupid grrr.  

Patience is not a virtue with me but as I'm getting older I need to learn to ask for help.  (Note to myself).  (My son was outside having a cigarette - but hey I can do anything.. yeah, right! haha)

I then decided to sort through my magazines and took half of them to our Club meeting yesterday.  We have a stall for unwanted quilting magazines etc 5 for $1.00.  If you buy some and decide you don't want them you can take it back the next month. You don't get your money back but its a cheap read for the month.  And the proceeds go to charity so it's a worthwhile project.  Of course I bought 5 new ones home !!!!  As you do.

Today I decided to go through my fabrics as I bought some storage bins last night to put fabric etc in the cupboard that housed the magazines.  I'm hesitant to put fabrics on the shelves as once I saw a silverfish in there, a long time ago though.  The containers are a perfect fit, clear with coloured lids only $7.99 so I can easily identify whats in them.   

But I culled quite a lot of fabric that I'll never use and projects I've started that I'll never finish!

Though now it's bedtime and the room is still chaos!!

I know I should never start these big jobs but I always think it'll look better when I've finished.  Juste seems to take a lot longer than I think!. 

Photos when I can find the floor!


Draffin Bears said...

Hi Karen,

First let me say how wonderful your new addition is, your very own Jones machine, it is beautiful.
Also having had rotator cuff injury, I know how painful it is - hope you manage to get free of the pain. Have you been for physio?
Hope that you have a wonderful week ahead and must say your photo in the snow looks, great but yet so cold. Stay warm.


Barb said...

Yep.....that is a bg job, least ways in my house...but you will get it done and will be happy with it ......

MrsC said...

I have a stall at Fabricabrac on 5 Nov if you want to sell on some of that fabric poppet :)

Michele, a distracted quilter said...

You get a standing ovation and wild applause from me for undertaking the task. Altho you also get the scrunched up "mom-face" for hurting yourself rather than asking for help. I started a stash reorg in August (an end of the summer and getting ready for quilting during the cold season kind of thing). It feels great.

tizart said...

Well Done! sorry about your injury thought, this getting older thing is not fun!!!
I just have to start my spring clean I cannot find my studio, I will have to clean so I CAN sew!!!
Happy quilting Liz

Ullalein2002 said...

Hi Kayjay, dont be angry about yourself! I often habe the same problem and make the same mistakes! Think positive: I am from Germany and I love reading your blog no matter concerning weightwatcher oder quilting :)) Hope you`ll be find very quickly. So I better do not arrange my sewing stuff but continue sewing ;)
regards Ulla

Loretta said...

Good Day, I just found your blog through google serach and am now your new follower! Please stop by to visit with us and become our follower too. We'd love having you! Hugs! Loretta