Tuesday, October 25, 2011


What a wonderful exciting event the World Cup has been to New Zealand.  It has bought much needed happiness and excitement to everyone here. And as you already know our All Blacks won!!!!  A very close nail biting game against France.  Well done France.  Both teams played well but had to play hard.  It was nerve wracking in the last few minutes.  the score was 8 NZ - 7 France!!!

Of course I have to show this photo taken last year of me and Victor Veto (on right in top photo).  I feel very special to have had my arms around an All Black!!  Go Victor! haha

Last week the group that I work in, won the General Manager's Award for Best World Cup Pod and Second Prize for Viewers Choice.  Woohooo..

A Georgia Flag I made very quickly from a cream curtain fabric and red polyester.  It's about 4feet wide
We were thrilled but didn't expect it.  the GM's comments were that we had selected a small country, stuck with the Rugby theme, dressed up to show our support and gone the extra mile! 
Nothing like the rugby scrum in their little shorts!@
On Friday's we dressed up as Cheerleaders for the team and even had our photos taken in the scrum haha.

Inside the locker room
There were 20 selected groups of staff in the building who all drew a country out of a hat.  Everyone then had to decorate their areas to show their support to that country.    Here's a few photos:

The locker complete with ointments and things rugby players might have in their locker.  We had a sniff test too.. jars with liniment, grass, leather and even a dirty sock!! haha

A view from one of the windows - the Georgia flags made by Tania
And finally tonight the winner of my 300th post give away is ....

Myra making the draw at Wellington Airport

Quiltgirlie drawn by the lovely Myra while waiting for her plane this afternoon.  So Quiltgirlie please email me as soon as you can with your mailing address.  Congratulations! 

I've got a few posts to put up this week about our busy few days together. 

We crammed a lot in and included visits to friends and to a Button Club meeting yesterday.  I so love my buttons but now Myra is going to collect 'special' buttons too so we'll be able to share this obsession as well. 

Off to bed now.. it is so windy here tonight everything is rattling and it's really quite discomforting.  Myra is back home at her house - and I haven't opened my mouth all night..... I so enjoyed her company.  Night everyone.  God Bless You all.


stufenzumgericht said...

Gratulation to my dear friend Britta and first of all, gratulations to your favourite NZ-Team, that has done a good job!
Hugs from Martina

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Karen,

Congratulations to your lucky winner Quiltgirlie.
Yes, wasn't it a nail biting game but so glad that they won in the end.

Hope that you are having a great week