Sunday, February 20, 2011


Weekends are never long enough for me!  Friday night I decided to move the furniture around my 'lounge room' which is a spare bedroom but my real lounge is MY room (sewing, TV, books, stash etc).So you all know what happens when you start moving stuff.  You end up with a much bigger job and another mess!!  And then I had to have a break.. retail therapy break that is.
I saw this 1930's print and had to have it.  Reminds me of "Milly-Molly-Mandy"
And then I saw a pinking blade.  Saves me trying to sharpen mothers old pinking shears.
Cause I need them, you know.. I'm sure you understand.

This gorgous fabric was only $12 metre.  I'm going to use it in cushions for the lounge

And then to cheer myself up after hearing a child call out "Nanny" in the mall... awwww it sounded like my granddaughter but then she's 4 hours away...too far sometimes ..  I went to my favourite shop "Three Buckets Full"  and bought these

Beautiful old wooden cottonreels.  Why, cause my friend Myra has heaps and they look so neat in basket!
Speaking of Myra, her results have been great.  The cancer markers have dropped by half after only 2 treatments.  Makes the effects worth it when she hears that news.  Myra is over the moon and I am absolutely wrapped for her too.  Three down, three to go!

Friends are worth diamonds ....

I received a parcel in the mail last week and low and behold it's BUTTONS!!  My dear friend Carolyn from Little Bear Studio picked up these gorgeous buttons at a market in France!!  I am thrilled to have some from overseas.  Carolyn and I grew up next door to each other.  She was the oldest by one month but I was the biggest by.. . well lets not go there. 

But today Sunday I'm giving up sorting the front room because I want to be sewing.  I need to sew a quilt for my great-nephew who is due in a couple of weeks.  It'll be a cot quilt and as he will be in his Dad's basinet for awhile I don't have to rush.  It's so exciting.  I'm going to be a Great Aunt for the first time.  My sisters and brother have been great aunts and great uncle for 15 years!!!
A lot of strips from jelly rolls and a gorgeous fabric with boats (they sorta look like kayaks I reckon.. sorta)
Mum and Dad spent a lot of time in their kayak so I think it is appropriate. I'm sure they'll be back in it as soon as baby is old enough.

Have a great Sunday everyone. 


carole brungar said...

I've been shifting furniture and "spring" cleaning too, and I always end up with more mess, as one thing leads to another.... you know what I mean!!

Barb said...

Gotta have retail therapy, love your fabrics....

I hope you had help moving the furniture.

Chris H said...

I bet you didn't have help moving the furniture! Watch your back!!!

Lots of lovely treasures there... don't quite get why you'd want old cotton reels ... but each to his own eh?

Have a lovely weekend....