Sunday, February 6, 2011

All for the want of a Door!

At my monthly house group the challenge is to make a house block for one person (our names were drawn out of a hat 6 months ago).  This month's winner wants Norwegian fishing warehouse blocks in fushia colours.  The easy part was that she draw the pattern for us.  And I do love to make them from my stash. But I had to find a suitable fabric for the warehouse door. I knew I had one somewhere..

The next day I bought some baskets which fitted into the manrobe in my sewing room perfectly.  So....
you know what happened next...

The stash all come tumbling down!!   .

Slowly but surely it was sorted into colours, themes and I couldn't believe how much room I had left in the cupboards when it was neat and tidy.

I'll keep SOME of the plastic shoe boxes for UFO's.. better not keep them all for that purpose haha.

The manrobe cupboard with themed fabrics and kitsets to make up when I retire!!
the drawers full of my bigger pieces of fabric - I might need it one day

My cupboard's previously full of fabric now a home for lots of other things too!

So now that I've got the 'other stuff' out of my linen cupboard I have got room for blankets and pillows etc.  What a great feeling to achieve so much in one day!!

and finally I found what I was looking for!
Just enough of a scrap left to make a door for the Fish Warehouse, and I have to do all the stitching now, (how on earth will I get around the seagulls???  It has to be finished for tomorrow night's get together.  I'm not happy about the bare looking window on the left and it's too small to write a name on it so will sew that down last.. maybe a darker fabric is needed.  And I'll have to put a name on it too.

Hope you all have a great week.


Barb said...

Those baskets work wonderfully!! Love the block!

Leeann said...

Maybe put a sign in the window help wanted apply within?

Chris H said...

OMG you have so much fabric... I am envious. I have probably a quarter of what you have... well done on getting it all sorted. Nothing like a good sort out.