Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Old treasures

While I was stash sorting I came across some old treasures.. Remember the days of Tricem fabric painting.  Wow, I was hooked.  Everything was painted from curtains for the children's bedrooms to dresses for my girls.  I thought they looked so cute.  Can't imagine why the girls go on about it now??  Hehe

I can't remember how many years ago I made this.  I'm wondering what to do with it now as it's too pretty to toss out.  Maybe cut the squares out and sash them?? Any ideas - does anyone know how the colour lasts.  Will it wash out after a few washes??

My daughter Haylee made me a huge wallhanging for my 40th birthday.  She was doing a learners sewing class and one day she had a book home from the library.  I said I liked the quilt with the Beryl Cook painting (a buxom girl in bikinis) in it.  So surprise surprise on the night she had made the buxom lady and surrounded it with blocks - everyone in the family chose what they wanted on a block. 

That was a long time ago and some of the 'fabrics' have worn out.  The buxom girl has become a saggy girl and so I decided it was time to part.  But I saved the best blocks.

My aunt and Uncle chose a book because when my cousin passed away I gave them a lovely book to write memories in.  The book was filled within a few months with stories and memories from all his family and friends.  My aunt loved that book hence the choice of block.
And this one was for my first grandson who was then 2 years old but is now 15 years old. 

This was my Dad's choice.  His nickname for me was Horse because many years ago when I was 12 there was a racehorse called Karen Anne!   I liked it.  It was his special name and only he was allowed to call me Horse.

I think this was a filler block showing off my love of fancy dress costume parties.  Hmm I haven't seen those legs and the little bottom for a long long time!@!!
And lastly my daughter Annette's choice was the BMW or Peace sign (that's what her transplant scar is shaped like and commonly known as).  Forgot about the buttons on it.  More for my stash.  Has anyone seen my button blog.  I need to update it more regularly but I only have 2 followers so far.


Anonymous said...

You can make a quilt with the Tri chem blocks and they will wash ok. My mother made each of my children a trichem when they were young and they are all adults now. The quilts are a little worse for the many years of use but the colours are still ok.

Pokey said...

My Momma loved it, too, and yes, I still have and use a tablecloth on my bedside table. I vote for sashing it, you'll get more pleasure out of that way. :-}pokey

Barb said...

Is there some way to seal in the colors because that would be so awesome to put sashing in it and make a quilt.

Love all those blocks.

Leeann said...

I have a pillowcase with a tricem Ernie from sesame street painted on it. It must be about 16 or 17 years old. Yes it has faded a bit, but it is in and of the washing machine heaps (still a favourite!). I'd cut up and sash your pictures, and make a wee quilt.

Chris H said...

Tricem! OMG I did some of that years ago too.
Make a quilt out of the painted blocks!