Friday, January 29, 2010

Wow is Me

My computer has a problem.  A Dr Watson's Postmortem Debugger problem.  I can't do anything with it.  It's not a virus but an Explorer problem.  Have to wait now until my lovely bil can have a look at it for me.  So just occassional visits from work at lunchtime.. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. It is glorious weather here this week so fingers crossed I'll have a bbq this weekend.

Luv to everyone

Monday, January 25, 2010

How is this done??

A while ago I saved this picture either of a blog or a magazine from the library??? Cant remember,.  I save it as Windchimes so guessing that's what it was called. Well, I've increased it and tried to work out how it'd done but no luck....?? Do you think they're appliqued over the top??  Any ideas???  I have tried googling for the pattern but no results.  I have a gorgeous piece of fabric I could use.

Thanks Chris and Liz.  I've tried taking a photo of the picture and zooming in and yes, it seems the beige is laid on top.  However I think it is cut into large squares as only the internal seams look fuzzy.  So might have to play with measurements etc.. however that's ALL.  I have done NO sewing this weekend and am on my way to my sister's for dinner now.  What a waste!!!  I have to get the batik one off the wall and start my challenge.  I am so unmotivated down here.  I do miss my Palmy friends.. We would spend a day sewing together and get so much done...

Grrrr I'm a Bad Girl!!! haha

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Free patterns

Just found this neat blogspot with FREE craft patterns, some quilting and some not but all gorgeous.

A really good way to spend an hour on this wintery day.  It's not raining at the moment but it's damp and cold.  I have hung the washing up but ????  And Yes I have succumbed.  I got the gas cylinder out of the shed and have turned on the gas heater.   I filled it for the barbeque but the last two weekends have been miserable .. I hope I have more than one barbie this summer... 

I have finished going through all my 'stuff'.  I can't see the point in hanging on to so much fabric and UFO's I will never complete.  So now, my sewing room is really tiday but it's too cold to move away from a really good movie and my pattern books.  Maybe later......or tomorrow.  It's a public holiday in Wellington tomorrow. 

8.30pm And now it is warm and sunny outside.  At 4pm the clouds moved and the sun came from nowhere.  Just after I'd taken my still damp washing in and hung it on the clothes horse!!  I had a friend around for tea.. Thai Green Curry -   yeap okay for my change in food plan but followed by chocolate self saucing pudding  ... I'll blame Chris H after seeing that beautiful chocolate cake on her blog... but I did share it haha...

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Is this the start....

Do you ever have days when you think you're going nuts and you're losing your memory??? 

When I was away I bought a Quilting Calendar which has quite a few great patterns and ideas in it.  the above being one of them.  It's just rectangles and the circles have a square of fusible web behind them.  What holds them on is the all over quilting.. hell I can do something surely haha.

I knew I had a collection of variegated fabrics I could use to make this quilt BUT do you think I could find them anywhere?

I spent several hours looking for them in my sewing room. (Lucky I hadn't started on the wardrobe - it would take me a week).   I found 2 pieces but I knew I had heaps that I'd bought on sale last year. 

I could not find them anywhere and today I thought I must have given them to someone???? 

I've been sitting here tonight watching my new DVD's of Andre Rieu and his orchestra (geez, if someone told me years ago I'd be listening to this kind of music I'd have told them THEY were nuts!!!)  and I suddenly remembered I'd put them together somewhere SAFE!!! 

Safe all right.  From ME! in a CLEAR plastic shoebox on my shelf.   Did I see them.. NO!  Oh dear, I think I am getting very confused and blind in my menopausal years!!!  Or do I just have too much stuff!! Haha

Monday, January 18, 2010

Flybuys Andre Rieu

In New Zealand we have a reward system, where everytime you buy at certain retailers you get Flybuys Points.  I never get many being single and not spending much haha but I had to spend some before they expired!  So I bought an Andre Rieu DVD.

 I love his music and his showmanship.  He really makes orchestral music fun.  I just watched his Sydney 2009 show at the weekend twice!!  Our local library have an excellent range of his DVD's.  Thanks to Emma and Frank for getting me hooked on his music.  I think!

Sunday, January 17, 2010


I was looking through my quilting magazines for ideas for my next challenge.  Needless to say, the magazines ended up in piles everywhere so I decided to sort them out and 'cull' some.. 

Hmm I've ended up with 3 grocery bags plus of magazines that I have decided I don't need!

But this is what's left.. Still way too many ideas for one person but I just couldn't throw out my collection of Australian Patchwork and Quilting Mags, and several others, Downunder Quilts, Patchwork & Stitching, Country Threads, etc etc.

I have found an idea for my challenge.. It was in ONE magazine.. Haha..

I've also culled my stash.. thought I'll have a flutter on Trade Me and see if I can sell some of it.  I will never use it all in my lifetime!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


While I was down south my sister and I searched through the sales for bargains.  Well, you don't have much choice when you're the Large sizes so had no luck but today I went to a local shop and bought 3 outfits.  They fit but are a little too fitting so I have to lose weight to look better in them! 


I also bought a 3/4 length sleeve black top to wear under this one on cooler days (and because I hate showing off my elbows).  I need some slimmer pants (but not leggings!!....  YET)
This skirt fits perfect but it's elastic waist so I can take it in.  The top fits okay but it's short sleeves and so I have the elbow problem.  So Lose them!
Today, wasn't great but I'm off to get my groceries tonight and will look for the lower calorie items.. no chocolate, no sugar and I'm going to try less gluten.  Menopause can't be the blame for Everything!!! 

Thanks for your comments and emails, girls.  It's really hard yakka losing weight especially when you're on your own.   But I have arranged to go for a walk on Saturday with a colleague who is very committed to getting fit and goes to the gym every day!!??  Little steps first..

PS  I do have another incentive too.  A friend is coming home to NZ again for 5 weeks in March... just a friend but single, ten years younger and generous and wants to take me out again!  We had a really great time dining and chatting last year when he was home.  That's all it was.. but maybe that's what makes it more fun!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Reality strikes home!

I didn't see the New Years Eve Special on TV that night as I went to bed sick. but I've watched it tonight on TV On Demand and saw myself.  Shock, horror.. I know Im fat but boy, I look disgusting.  It's time to take control again.   Tomorrow is D Day... I want to look smarter, trimmer and feel more energetic.  It might be a lot easier to find nice clothes too if I wasn't a size 22 top and a size 16 bottom.  There .. public ownership .. I am FAT!  Trouble is I'm fat everywhere... it never ceases to amaze me how some larger ladies can have beautiful legs or skinny faces.. but not me I'm just an all over lardie... (I don't want to offend anyone else.. just taking ownership of MY problem). 

I will have to combine my quilting with my weight loss journey.. as I had planned to do when I started this blog. 

Monday, January 11, 2010

Break a What?? this week!

Oh dear, girls if I'm absent for awhile it'll be because my computer has spat the dummy!  Last night and again tonight it's closed down on me and takes awhile to get going again.  The washing machine has been playing up for the last couple of months, my bedroom drawers are still broke and now this so what comes first hmmmm????  Haha they're only things so I won't get stressed about it. 

My dear old Mum.. Well, I am hoping she's going to be okay.  My sister and I have noticed Mum has got weaker every day in muscle tone.  She suffers from varicose veins and arthritis in her joints and hobbles around at any time, so being immobile for the last 10 days is not doing her any good.  (As well, she is a red head, scottish descent and very stubborn grrr! and despite our advice to exercise her good limbs she thinks she'll be alright!!! 

Yes, she fainted at The Warehouse in Motueka.  The air conditioning was non existant and we were told that someone else had fainted the week before.  You'd think they would turn fans on if the temperature reached a certain point ah.. or at least put chairs around the shop so elderly people could sit down.  We'd only been in there 5 minutes. 

I could never be a nurse.. never!  I lack patience and I get so frustrated when they are pigheaded!!  Anyway she has an appointment at the Hospital in two days so hopefully they will put on a walking boot so she can start using her other leg.  (She's in a wheelchair now). 

So the holiday was very eventful but non-productive.  We didn't do any sewing but it is always nice to spend time with my sister and she is so kind and caring... and patient!!  And I got to see a Dr for only $60 (In Lower Hutt I couldn't get into one between Xmas and New Year for under $100 and you can't register at any Dr down here - they are not taking new patients!) 

I did however find more fabrics for my next challenge project so I am happy about that.  In Richmond, Nelson my sister took me to this lovely patchwork shop and the lady there was so helpful.  One stop shop there. 

Off to bed.  New Years Resolution.. go to bed before 11 at least 4 times a week!!! 

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Woah, What a New Year so far!

Haha well, I shouldn't laugh but we have too.. you just don't know what's going to happen tomorrow huh.. Well I arrived down here Friday, on Saturday we went to Motuaka to see one of my Mum's friends.  Decided we were early so we'd call into The Warehouse (where everyone gets a bargain).... well,  to cut a long story short my Mum fainted inside the building after only 5 minutes and broke her leg!  Lucky I'm here to help my sister as Mum can't use crutches.  She has arthritis everywhere.. but she's a very good patient!  They'd planned to go to Christchurch tomorrow and see my brother so I've changed my flights and will go with them to help out.  Fly home Sunday.

I've been coughing and feeling under the weather since Boxing Day so no sewing done at all.  Yesterday I gave in and went to the Dr's here.  Got antibiotics which hopefully will kick it in the butt now! 

Will catch up with you all when I get home.

PS The good news is I found some gorgeous fabrics for my challenge!!   Woohooo

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year to all

Happy New Year to all my blogger friends and those I know personally, for all your friendship and kindness over the past year.  They said 2009 would be a topsy turvy year because a 9 can be turned upside down to be a 6 but this is a ne number, double digits, going to be double the fun, double the success and double the outcome from the sewing room.....

Yeah Right!!!

I'm still not well but a tad better and hoping that a trip away to my sisters will be a cure all for this nasty flu.  I hope noone else gets it... Off to catch the bus to the airport.  Love and hugs to you all...