Monday, January 25, 2010

How is this done??

A while ago I saved this picture either of a blog or a magazine from the library??? Cant remember,.  I save it as Windchimes so guessing that's what it was called. Well, I've increased it and tried to work out how it'd done but no luck....?? Do you think they're appliqued over the top??  Any ideas???  I have tried googling for the pattern but no results.  I have a gorgeous piece of fabric I could use.

Thanks Chris and Liz.  I've tried taking a photo of the picture and zooming in and yes, it seems the beige is laid on top.  However I think it is cut into large squares as only the internal seams look fuzzy.  So might have to play with measurements etc.. however that's ALL.  I have done NO sewing this weekend and am on my way to my sister's for dinner now.  What a waste!!!  I have to get the batik one off the wall and start my challenge.  I am so unmotivated down here.  I do miss my Palmy friends.. We would spend a day sewing together and get so much done...

Grrrr I'm a Bad Girl!!! haha


tizart said...

Interesting!!!!! When you save it and zoom in on it, it does look like it the beige has been zig-zaged on. The flowers seem to go over the three pieces where I thought they would be pieced.

Anonymous said...

When you zoom in on it, it does look like the biege has been zig-zaged on the flower fabric, because the flowers are whole over what looks like 3 pieces you would normally piece.

Chris H said...

NO. BLOODY. IDEA.... have you looked in other books?
Maybe one of your readers will know!
It's nice though.

Chris H said...

I zoomed in too... and I reckon the light pieces are appliqued on top!

Nanci said...

I'm dizzy just looking at it! It's awesome quilt. No idea how it's done though!

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Karen,

That is a beautiful quilt and love the colours and pattern.
I hope that you get to work out how to do it.

Hope that you are having a great week

Elaine said...

Did a search for windchimes quilt pattern and came up with this site.
The pattern can be found at this website

Hope this helps


Helen said...

Hi Karen

I suspect that this picture is not of a a physical quilt, but of the design done in EQ6. It looks like the flower fabric is 'under' the beige but that is sometimes the effect of fabric 'swatches' used in EQ6. I may be wrong but I think the pattern construction will be an on-point double 4 patch using a large print floral. Tilt your head at an angle and you may see what I mean.

MrsC said...

I agree, I don't think it is an actual quilt but a computerised mock up of a pattern. It's too flat and crisp looking to be real. In a real quilt, the beige bits would be made of three squares, or one square and one double square rectangle. It's a lovely pattern and wouldn't be too hard to work out? Perfect for a big print as you say! :)