Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Reality strikes home!

I didn't see the New Years Eve Special on TV that night as I went to bed sick. but I've watched it tonight on TV On Demand and saw myself.  Shock, horror.. I know Im fat but boy, I look disgusting.  It's time to take control again.   Tomorrow is D Day... I want to look smarter, trimmer and feel more energetic.  It might be a lot easier to find nice clothes too if I wasn't a size 22 top and a size 16 bottom.  There .. public ownership .. I am FAT!  Trouble is I'm fat everywhere... it never ceases to amaze me how some larger ladies can have beautiful legs or skinny faces.. but not me I'm just an all over lardie... (I don't want to offend anyone else.. just taking ownership of MY problem). 

I will have to combine my quilting with my weight loss journey.. as I had planned to do when I started this blog. 


Nanci said...

Welcome to the fat club. I also have a butt but when I think that a friend who has no fat at all to protect her, fell and broke her hip I thought that if she'd had a bit of my butt it wouldn't have happened.
I too need to lose some weight. It's a hard hard task to keep up with.
Gotta go get a bagel...sorry.

Kim Walus said...

I'm hearing ya and I'm on the war path too. I'm working on 50 by 50 and after exercising yesterday and watching what I eat...I gained a pound. lol. But I'm still determined! Good luck on your journey.

Chris H said...

You think it's hard with only you in the house! Try having kids who NEED biscuits, cereal bars and the like.. AND a husband who really does not know how to stop bringing home yummies!
Only have healthy food in the house... don't buy your lunch, make a salad. Be strong, you can do it.