Thursday, January 21, 2010

Is this the start....

Do you ever have days when you think you're going nuts and you're losing your memory??? 

When I was away I bought a Quilting Calendar which has quite a few great patterns and ideas in it.  the above being one of them.  It's just rectangles and the circles have a square of fusible web behind them.  What holds them on is the all over quilting.. hell I can do something surely haha.

I knew I had a collection of variegated fabrics I could use to make this quilt BUT do you think I could find them anywhere?

I spent several hours looking for them in my sewing room. (Lucky I hadn't started on the wardrobe - it would take me a week).   I found 2 pieces but I knew I had heaps that I'd bought on sale last year. 

I could not find them anywhere and today I thought I must have given them to someone???? 

I've been sitting here tonight watching my new DVD's of Andre Rieu and his orchestra (geez, if someone told me years ago I'd be listening to this kind of music I'd have told them THEY were nuts!!!)  and I suddenly remembered I'd put them together somewhere SAFE!!! 

Safe all right.  From ME! in a CLEAR plastic shoebox on my shelf.   Did I see them.. NO!  Oh dear, I think I am getting very confused and blind in my menopausal years!!!  Or do I just have too much stuff!! Haha


lesthook said...

Oh you sound so much like me! I have a list of things I have put in a safe place and can't find!

Chris H said...

Ha ha... I think you have too much stuff~!

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Karen,

Flybuys are great aren't they ~ I have bought some nice Le Creuset pots with them. Glad that you could get an Andre tape.
That sounds exactly like me, have put things away in a safe place and then can't find them.
Love your new Avatar picture of you Queen Karen.
I really hope that your Mum is doing ok and getting around better.

Have a great weekend - we have a grey and overcast day up here too.