Wednesday, January 13, 2010


While I was down south my sister and I searched through the sales for bargains.  Well, you don't have much choice when you're the Large sizes so had no luck but today I went to a local shop and bought 3 outfits.  They fit but are a little too fitting so I have to lose weight to look better in them! 


I also bought a 3/4 length sleeve black top to wear under this one on cooler days (and because I hate showing off my elbows).  I need some slimmer pants (but not leggings!!....  YET)
This skirt fits perfect but it's elastic waist so I can take it in.  The top fits okay but it's short sleeves and so I have the elbow problem.  So Lose them!
Today, wasn't great but I'm off to get my groceries tonight and will look for the lower calorie items.. no chocolate, no sugar and I'm going to try less gluten.  Menopause can't be the blame for Everything!!! 

Thanks for your comments and emails, girls.  It's really hard yakka losing weight especially when you're on your own.   But I have arranged to go for a walk on Saturday with a colleague who is very committed to getting fit and goes to the gym every day!!??  Little steps first..

PS  I do have another incentive too.  A friend is coming home to NZ again for 5 weeks in March... just a friend but single, ten years younger and generous and wants to take me out again!  We had a really great time dining and chatting last year when he was home.  That's all it was.. but maybe that's what makes it more fun!


Anonymous said...

The new clothes look great Karen. I need to lose about 20kg. I'm trying to eat healthier while DH is away for the next 3 weeks, that way I can't ask him to buy chocolate on the way home. Good luck!

Chris H said...

Really nice clothes chick.

Nanci said...

Stick with it girl! It does get easier and easier especially when you get rid of all the tempting items...I actually learned to love cottage cheese when I sprinkled cinammon on it!
I also eat nuts like walnuts to just give a salad some crunch.
I'm trying like you to take off some weight, it's harder and harder as one gets older.

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Karen,

Thanks for visiting me and sorry I have not been around much.
I seem to have been busy.
Your new clothes are lovely Karen.
Good luck with the walking ( we have been trying to go every morning too)
Just watching the news tonight and your weather looks not nice ~ may Summer come to you soon.
Also I hope that you have fun with your friend when he comes out.

Happy weekend.