Monday, January 11, 2010

Break a What?? this week!

Oh dear, girls if I'm absent for awhile it'll be because my computer has spat the dummy!  Last night and again tonight it's closed down on me and takes awhile to get going again.  The washing machine has been playing up for the last couple of months, my bedroom drawers are still broke and now this so what comes first hmmmm????  Haha they're only things so I won't get stressed about it. 

My dear old Mum.. Well, I am hoping she's going to be okay.  My sister and I have noticed Mum has got weaker every day in muscle tone.  She suffers from varicose veins and arthritis in her joints and hobbles around at any time, so being immobile for the last 10 days is not doing her any good.  (As well, she is a red head, scottish descent and very stubborn grrr! and despite our advice to exercise her good limbs she thinks she'll be alright!!! 

Yes, she fainted at The Warehouse in Motueka.  The air conditioning was non existant and we were told that someone else had fainted the week before.  You'd think they would turn fans on if the temperature reached a certain point ah.. or at least put chairs around the shop so elderly people could sit down.  We'd only been in there 5 minutes. 

I could never be a nurse.. never!  I lack patience and I get so frustrated when they are pigheaded!!  Anyway she has an appointment at the Hospital in two days so hopefully they will put on a walking boot so she can start using her other leg.  (She's in a wheelchair now). 

So the holiday was very eventful but non-productive.  We didn't do any sewing but it is always nice to spend time with my sister and she is so kind and caring... and patient!!  And I got to see a Dr for only $60 (In Lower Hutt I couldn't get into one between Xmas and New Year for under $100 and you can't register at any Dr down here - they are not taking new patients!) 

I did however find more fabrics for my next challenge project so I am happy about that.  In Richmond, Nelson my sister took me to this lovely patchwork shop and the lady there was so helpful.  One stop shop there. 

Off to bed.  New Years Resolution.. go to bed before 11 at least 4 times a week!!! 

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Draffin Bears said...

Hi Karen,

So very sorry to hear about your dear Mum and how awful they did not have airconditioning in the shop.
I really hope that she will manage ok.
So much harder, when they are older, remembering when Mum broke her hip.
Sorry everything is on the blink - my computer is too and I have been using Victoria's which is such a pain.
Mine has finally gone into the shop to be serviced and see what is wrong. Gave up the ghost and went all blurry and wonky. Trouble is I want to get all the stored information off.
I hope that your year will be a good one Karen and things will go smoother now for you.