Sunday, January 24, 2010

Free patterns

Just found this neat blogspot with FREE craft patterns, some quilting and some not but all gorgeous.

A really good way to spend an hour on this wintery day.  It's not raining at the moment but it's damp and cold.  I have hung the washing up but ????  And Yes I have succumbed.  I got the gas cylinder out of the shed and have turned on the gas heater.   I filled it for the barbeque but the last two weekends have been miserable .. I hope I have more than one barbie this summer... 

I have finished going through all my 'stuff'.  I can't see the point in hanging on to so much fabric and UFO's I will never complete.  So now, my sewing room is really tiday but it's too cold to move away from a really good movie and my pattern books.  Maybe later......or tomorrow.  It's a public holiday in Wellington tomorrow. 

8.30pm And now it is warm and sunny outside.  At 4pm the clouds moved and the sun came from nowhere.  Just after I'd taken my still damp washing in and hung it on the clothes horse!!  I had a friend around for tea.. Thai Green Curry -   yeap okay for my change in food plan but followed by chocolate self saucing pudding  ... I'll blame Chris H after seeing that beautiful chocolate cake on her blog... but I did share it haha...

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Chris H said...

I too see no point to holding onto fabric you have no intention of using! My Mum dumped a bit on me recently, and it went straight into a clothing bin!
Can't imagine having to turn on the heaters! It must be cold down there, ya poor bugger!