Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A funny story

I have been growing succulents for years.. well 6 years is a long time.  At one stage when I lived in Hamilton I had 99 varieties!  Since I've moved to Wellington and don't have much of a section I only bought a few in pots and gave the rest to my cousin.

My youngest sister and her partner live in Wellington and are not green fingered at all.  They had yukka's in tubs on their deck which died so I took in some of my Schwarzkoph" succulents and poked them in the pots.. No fresh soil..just poked them in and left them.  I love succulents because they thrive on neglect. 

To cut the story down as my Uncle would say... Debbie's have flowered!!  In windy, wet Wellington they have flowered!!   I have never had one flower, nor my sister in sunny Nelson nor my neighbour who's had them for years!  It's a giggle really ...


Chris H said...

I bet they flowered cos she neglected them so much they had to flower to get some attention!!!

SoozieSuzy said...

I had no idea of what their flowers would look like....I got a cutting originally from my mother in Dunedin, no flowers there or when I lived in Nelson or here in Wellington. I notice they are common in gardens at Himatangi Beach when I go walking but I have never noticed flowers there either. I am most impressed!

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Karen,

that is such a great story ~ I have never seen the flower on this plant, did not know it had one.
Succulents are so good especially where we are with lack of water and the summer heat.
Thinking of you at this time and two years since your father passed and then with your Uncle, times like Fathers day seem sad.
Hope that you are feeling better Karen ~ I have had a horrid cough and now sore throat so feeling pretty grotty today.
Have a good week and sending my love

Anonymous said...

I had 2 flowers on mine this year in Auckland for the first time also. Maybe it's the year for them.


Darlee Byron said...

What a great gift! Perhaps, someone is sendin you their love from the other side to let you know all is well.