Thursday, September 23, 2010


Last night I went to
the World of Wearable Art Awards. 

It was the dress rehearsal and my wonderful friend Carol emailed me yesterday morning to see if I wanted to go.  She bought the ticket for my birthday.. and it was fabulous.  The choreography of this show is excellent, the entertainment was awesome absolutely awesome.  It is an event not to be missed but you do need binoculars as it's hard to see with eyes like mine what the detail is in the costumes.

The bestest part of the evening though.. close best.. was seeing my friends from Palmerston North again.. Carol and Emma.. such faithful friends and Robin and Mary and oh a whole bus full.  But I didn't want to go back to Palmerston North this time.  I'd have loved to spend a longer time with them all but I think I've got over the homesickness.  I still miss everyone heaps but I am at home in Welly now.  Wind and all!!! 

And now I"m off to watch Project Runway.. my favourite programme of the week. 

Oh and I have bought an old old chair off Trade Me.. eeek.. similar to one my grandmother had.  It looks in pretty good condition.  I will take a photo when I get it but I'm thinking of recovering it with selveges and putting it in my sewing room.

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