Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sew Ezi

I have put my big sewing desk on Trade Me and will soon have a Sew Ezi table .. have a look at this
When I went to Retreat last weekend several of the ladies had one and they love them.  They all said no back pain or shoulder pain when using them.  And a Sew Ezi table is portable so you can take it to class or to the lounge if it's where you want to be, take it on holiday whereever. 

Sew Ezi tables are made for your machine and in September there's a special - the accessory tray is free.

You'd still need to put it near a table if you're quilting a large quilt but we've all got one of those and it doesn't take up a huge space and store 'stuff'.  If you have any queries ring 0800 739 394.


Barb said...

I have been eyeing those tables.....thanks for your comments.

Helen said...

Hi Karen

You will not regret buying your new sewezi table. I love mine. You may find it a bit strange to thread the needle at first because the machine is lower down. I put a rubbish bin underneath the left hand handle hole. It is the perfect arm's length for brushing all the stray threads down. I also taped a piece of acetate (I used acetate 'cos it is clear, thin and I had some handy. You could use card or paper if you wanted to) over the handle hole at the back so the chain piecing doesn't fall down it. When I use the table for classes I can take the acetate off if I want to, but I usually leave it on because the table is so light I can still carry it without having to put my fingers right through the hole. If you are rolling it using the wheels then you will be using the left hand handle hole and the acetate can stay where it is. Let me know how you get on.

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Karen,

Many thanks for visiting me dear friend and your kind words.
It has been a hard week with the anniversary of Dads passing.
This table looks fabulous and will be so neat to work on.
Was great to catch up with you and see all you have been up to.
How neat about the Wearable Arts competition, would have been fabulous.
Have a great week ahead dear friend.


Chris H said...

I have seen that table at the Quilting shows... it looks very small? I hope you enjoy using it.