Saturday, September 25, 2010

15 Minutes a day

I found this great blog at where everyone gives themselves at least 15 minutes a day to use up scraps and play.  I've signed up because 15 minutes ain't long but you can get a lot done and I reckon it'll be fun and an incentive if I HAVE to do it.. so to speak!!

I bought this bag of scraps a few months ago.  Would love to play with them.

Have always kept the scraps of my batik fabrics so watch this space.

Good neighbours are worth a million dollars and I have the best I'm sure.  I came home from work this week and found a little garden gnome finishing off my new garden patch in front of my house.  His name is Kevin and he is newly retired and bored!!!  Kevin loves gardening and his own are immaculate so he came over (discussed it awhile ago with me) and did this for me.  Most of the plants are out of my pots and the Yukka I was given.  But some are from my neighbours garden too. 

I have the carpet!! Friends and I went and picked up this old but good carpet today from my boss's home.  Hopefully my brother will come down one day soon and lay it in my bedroom and my sewing room. 

It has been a gorgeous blue sky day, warm and sunny.  This photo is taken at 5pm. Yay, I hope summer is coming at last.  I am so over wind, rain and gloomy weather.   I hate camelias with a passion because the flowers drop so soon and make such a mess but the tui's come and visit every morning and afternoon so they get to stay...

What to do with a wooden towel rail?  Well, I'm using mine to show off my finished but unfinished quilt tops.  There's three on here now waiting for backings and to be quilted.  The one at the top is a quilt as you go which I made for our exhibition.  Just needs sides and then put together.  I can do that one myself!! I'm in the process of making a quilt to go on the back of the hydrangea one (or not) and the other is my batik that I finished last weekend. 

 All in all a good day, housework is done, washing is dry and now I'm going to cook dinner and spend my 15 minutes or more sewing!!! 

Remember Kiwi's put your clocks back tonight!!  Daylight saving is here.. Already!!

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Chris H said...

Good idea for the towel rail ... and daylight saving sucks at first if ya ask me! I did not like getting up so early this morning to 5 kids! ikkkk.