Saturday, August 28, 2010

Photos at last

At last here's the photos of my new old furniture from my Uncle and Aunt's home.  I never thought about the fact you can still see me in the mirror and the horrible curtains etc but anyway.. haha   I have put on layby some gorgeous olive green taffeta to make curtains for my bedroom and I'll put indian cotton or old wool blankets in between the layers to stop the draughts.  It is the coldest room in the house but I will soon have carpet on the floor too compliments of my boss!!!   (The pink quilt will have to come down tooo I feel.. time for a change!!)...
I'm going to cover the stool with patchwork or selveges.. ideas will happen I'm sure!  I have to find another posy for my walkie talkie doll and dog given to me by my grandmother xx years ago.. she looks a bit too big on here.
And to prove that I do finish things I thought I'd put a photo of my $10 blind all finished and hung in my kitchen.  After a week on steroids I woke up this morning feeling full of energy so got a few things done.  Is this wicked.. it's very wide but so's the window..and it's too long but I figured the bigger the better to stop the draughts in there at night.  There are blue tiles behind the blind too.
You can see the top of my $5 chair that I bought last week.  It's an old one so very strong and sturdy.  I even stood on it so it's very strong!! 

And I have done the last block in the swap block, never to do another one...
This was Susan from Hamilton's Scrappy Jacob's Ladder block.  I only did one and I must admit it could look really good in black and batiks... was easy to do too.  but anything is easier than Applique haha

To DO: 
My sister is going to Italy etc on Wednesday so I'm not going to panic about finishing her bag.  She's happy to wait until she gets home so I have another six weeks  .. YAY!  I will get it done soon.   

I have a block to make for my monthly Monday group.. a real easier one and then I can start making the lounge curtains. 

BUT I am not putting any more pressure on myself.. I need to GET WELL and STAY HEALTHY... got no time for winter blues and feeling lousy anymore.. So over it!

(Kicking myself up butt as I type). 


Barb said...

The furniture that was given to you and doll and dog are such treasures and loads of memories....

Chris H said...

The furniture is really lovely, almost Art Deco looking! funky!

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Karen,

Sorry to hear that you have been unwell and do hope that you are feeling much better now.
Victoria has had a nasty cough the past week and seems to be a lot going around.
Your new furniture and kitchen curtain are lovely.
Do look after yourself and have a good week.

Helen said...

That retro furniture is way cool, I am so envious!

Sharyn said...

Beautiful furniture! Sharyn

Nanci said...

I love the furniture! It does look like art deco...probably better not to refinish it if it's may be worth a bit of dough...
they'ver ruled out emphasima have they? My friend was just diagnosed with it...she's breathless all the time.
Keep well.