Saturday, August 21, 2010

A house full!

What a week!  I rang my Doctor surgery on Monday morning to make an appointment because this cough I've had for weeks leaves me breathless.... and it has begun to frighten me especially when I can't breathe in the shower.  Well, they are so busy I couldn't get an appointment until Friday afternoon but lucky I went. I have bronchial asthma and my bp has shot up higher than ever!! So now I'm on a week of steroids and ventolin four times a day and I'll be back to normal soon as I hope. 

Yesterday my Aunt and Uncle's furniture arrived... dressing table, tallboy, bed, washing machine and manrobe.  The furniture is all rimu  and one day I'll sand it down and restain it but for now it's just awesome.  The bed I'm not so sure.  It's a newish matress and a double bed but I'll pass judgement when I've slept in it a couple of nights.  I haven't sold my queen size yet just in case. 

And so far this week I've sold my old office desk for $10 and my old washing machine which doesn't need much fixing for $5 on Trade Me.  So I'm happy they have gone and I have a LITTLE more room to play with. 

The kitchen blind is all but finished.  I have to buy some brackets tomorrow and then it will be hung.  Have enough left to make a border on a curtain for the small window in the alcove. 

My lovely friend Mrs C arrived this afternoon with some of her preloved curtains which will fit my second bedroom (when I can get near the windows) and some beautiful blue indian cotton curtains which sadly are a bit faded but they are lovely fabric.  I may use them for filling between curtains in my bedroom eventually but I'm thinking of dying them green or a nice warm colour???.. though it will take a lot since they're floor length and huge. 

When it's all sorted tomorrow (I still have to vacumn the drawers out and put away my clothes... being short of breathe makes life a lot slower grrrr) I will take photos and post them    tonight I HAVE TO MAKE a knitting bag for my sister whom I'm seeing on Wednesday.  I'm going to applique IBAG on it using 'ipod' and turning the letters upside down adding a stem on the o and a tail on d... ibag....  clever huh! She has an ipod and an iphone so now she'll have an ibag too!

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