Monday, August 9, 2010

I finished a block at last and Nice People

Updated:  I have finally finished a block for a Sunbonnet Sue Witch swap.  I have held the group up with everything going on but it'll be on it's way to the next quilter tomorrow.  Yay.. I feel goood!

I'm not good at applique.. so this is a real mission for me. I think they should make a foot so you can actually see where you're going with applique.. I find it hard!!  Here are the other swap blocks sent on from other participants. 

And now the last one to do.. a scrappy Jacobs ladder .. wish I'd taken photos of the rest of them now. 

It's batiks and black on black fabrics.  I'll have to buy a piece of black on black but I'm certainly not short on batiks haha.  It's a really neat pattern I think.

Which means I should have my swap blocks plus everyone's blocks back later this week.  Of course mine had selveges in it.  hehe.

Previously tonight:  I know there are lots of lovely people in the World and in my life but today I am overwhelmed with kind spirits.  I went out looking for cheap curtain fabric today but no luck and then I received a text from a real lovely lady I've met through quilting and she was at Arthur Toye where calico was only $3 metre.  She knew I wanted to make some curtains..  She also offered me a lot of curtain fabric at a very very cheap price.  Its dark olive green but I'm sure it will be beautiful and hey, do I care.. as long as they are warmer than what I've got now
 I am sooo cold down here and my head cold has come back with a BOING!!!  So the sooner I get rid of the draughts in my house the better!  The wind was horrendous down here last night. My rubbish bin sits in a corner tucked away from wind and rain (I thought) behind my house but last night it was blown either over my car or alongside it, or maybe it went over the roof??, then turned the corner and down my drive to the footpath.  The lid had come off and rubbish was everywhere.   I heard today of a colleague losing a chair out of their backyard and a friend found it about 500m away bobbing up and down on the road.. she recognised it and took it back!!!  I wish the wind would blow a money tree into my back lawn!!

And then tonight another nice thing happened. I had rung the young guy who installed Freeview here a year ago because my DVD wasn't working.. hasn't been for ages!!  I'd tried both DVD's in the lounge tv but no luck, and yet they work in my bedroom TV.  

Well, hiding my face in shame.. he came and checked everything out only to find I had plugged them into the Outlet holes..Derrrr!!! 

Well, it's a huge old tv and I can't move it.. hehehehe.. But he didn't charge me!!!  That is so sweet.  He could have charged me $56 the call out fee. 

It's the little things in life that count and people like this make me feel so Rich!!.


Chris H said...

Yaaaa... I am certainly not the only dick today! LOL
How nice to get material so cheap... some people are really nice eh?
Have a lovely WARM evening!!

Barb said...

You are right, it is the little things and some good things did happen to you but I still want that money tree.