Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sentimental Stuff and Sewing

It's been a funny weekend for me, a little retail therapy, a little reminiscing but I'm smiling again and moving on with my life.  Now I don't have Uncle to worry about I feel like something is missing.. but sewing machine is finally at work again and that's good therapy!  I had to put new elastic in my neighbour's pj's (big job haha) and I've got inspired to make a curtain for my kitchen and finish my swap blocks so I'm not here for long.  Just to tell you I am back and DOING!!
This is the latest swap block which I've started today.  It's Sunbonnet Sue Witch .. and this is going to be her house.     I will take photos of it finished. 

This gorgeous quilt was in this months' New Zealand Quilter magazine.  Isn't it gorgeous.  It has inspired me to make a new quilt for my new 'old' bedroom as I have a lot of doilies.  I have been given my Uncle and Aunt's bedroom suite which is 61 years old, rimu and in top condition complete with their new bed.  I am so thrilled.  I've also been given my Uncle's rimu manrobe which will be great for storing fabric etc (hmmm I could buy MORE??).  It's all in storage in Napier at the moment because I need to get rid of some 'stuff' and I've also been offered carpet in excellent condition in a few weeks and it makes sense to put that down first.  My brother is going to paint the bedroom that weekend too and I just have to make curtains. My friend Mrs C has a wonderful idea for draughty rooms.  Curtain fabric (not thermal drape) with calico backing but put either knit fabric, polar fleece or old wool blankets in between!!  My landlord doesn't want to do any improvements to the house to make it warmer so I'm going to do them myself and if I leave they'll be going with me or to the dump!!!  But comparing this house with others I've seen this weekend I am lucky and my neighbours could never be replaced. 

More treasures from Aunty
This was in a very old plastic bag but I'm not sure whether it's lace or machine done or what? However I might frame it as it's very pretty.
I think I'll frame this one for my sister.

Some more treasures my cousin didn't want.  Look at the hat pins and the pincushion.. I must look for my grandmothers hat pins and add them to it.   I've always loved the yellow bowl that Aunty kept bits and pieces in on the bench!! 
These might not be much to anyone else but they're the cutest glasses that we used as children for afternoon teas etc.  Sentimental .. yes I am!!  Too much Stuff.. yes I have!!

Not a good picture of the stool she used in her bedroom but I thought I might cover it with selveges.. maybe???


Chris H said...

You have some lovely treasures there!
What a good idea about the curtains... I have to make curtains for my little granddaughter's bedroom, which is very cold. I will have to try your idea out.

Barb said...

Glad that you are back and doing...and I just love your treasures...

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Karen,

Glad to hear that you are keeping busy and back and doing.
I love all the beautiful treasures you brought back, lovely to have things to remind you of your Aunt and Uncle.

Have a good week and stay warm.
With the snow down South, the winter is back again.