Saturday, July 3, 2010

Yeah, I"m still here

It's become a once a week blogpost lately but I am still here.  It has been so cold down here I haven't ventured far from the heater at night (when I've been home that is).  But today has been sunny outside and I've caught up on emails and what's happening in blogland.  (I've decided I need to have a 'nice' photo taken.. so next time I get my hair done and put makeup on I'll have to stop someone on the street to take a photo for my blog!!)

What's happening.. Uncle is still in hospital.  He is not well and when I spoke to him on Wednesday night he told me he'd had a good innings and he wasn't afraid of dying.  We talked for ages like we normally do but he is in a lot of pain and is on morphine and other drugs.  They haven't done any further tests to find out what's wrong other than the CA in tailbone and the kidney stone which they thought had passed but now aren't sure!!! .  I've just spoken to his son and he's going back on Tuesday to rattle some feathers and get some answers.   I'm planning on going up next weekend to visit or to take care of him if he's home. 

Maybe it's a bit hard to understand why I am so close to my Uncle but he is and always has been like my second Dad especially since Dad passed away in 2008.  Uncle's wife was like a Mum to me but sadly she passed away 2 months after my Dad, her brother. 

The three of them have always been there for me, they never judged me because of my size or being different, they have always made me feel special, never hesitated to offer advice if I needed it and never put me down.  Uncle and Aunt often told me I was just like a daughter to them.  In fact I've still got a message on my mobile they left in July 2008 thanking me for flowers I sent when Uncle was diagnosed with bowel cancer.  And Uncle says "We love you, you're just like a daughter to us".  Don't ask me how many times I've listened to it over the last few weeks.. I am sad I know.  My Dad always treated his four kids equally and we knew that.  He never spoke a bad word about anyone especially us.  

In two years I've lost my Dad, my Aunty, my best friend in Oz whom I spoke to regularly and now my Uncle is very ill.  I guess I'm getting older, these things are going to happen ah.

But Tuesday I'm off to the specialist for my annual post BC checkup.  I had my mammogram two weeks ago so he should have the results.  So I will have to ring Uncle and then I'll celebrate on Tuesday night. And in September when it will be 3 years since my op, my friend Emma and I will have a little tea party again around 'the boob' (a soft rubbery boob that we swap around between March (Emma's anniversary) and September hehe.  Emma is 5 wonderful years post BC now! 

What am I quilting.  I'm quilting the baby quilt now... YES doing it myself.  I have all but finished another batik UFO and I want to make aprons for my sisters tomorrow and a knitting bag for my little sister's birthday.  So no sleep in's for me tomorrow.  In fact I'll start now.   I'll post some photos tomorrow.

Luv you all and thank you for listening.. it's the downside of living alone sometimes.  There's just no-one to share these thoughts with.


Deb said...

It can be eye opening getting older, can't it. I know exactly how you are feeling as we are experiencing similar things at present. Good luck for your doctors visit and hoping for a positive outcome for you.
hugs Deb

Anonymous said...

Hi Karen

I'm still here, reading what you're up to each time you post. I don't always comment, but I'm here all the same. Sorry to hear about your Uncle, hope he starts to get better soon.

Best of luck for your specailist visit, hope all is perfect.

Barb said...

You are so lucky to have such a wonderful uncle.....I am sorry for the trials you are facing right now....just know that we care!

Chris H said...

Sorry to hear your much loved Uncle is unwell.
YOu have lots going on... same here!

Draffin Bears said...

Karen, I just meant to say thanks for your visit and the kind words you left for Victoria.


Draffin Bears said...

Hi Karen,

So sorry to hear that your Uncle is not well, and so hard to see someone you love, suffering.
You sound to be having similar weather to us ~ it is wet and cold here and we have just had a hearty bowl of soup with pizza garlic bread.
Best of luck with your visit to the specialist and I hope that all will be well.
Do stay warm Karen and take care

Love & hugs

Nanci said...

Ah yes, getting old sure isn't for sissies, as Bettie Davis always said.
You do sound a bit down, but not depressed. Get the hair done, I always feel better after that!
I'm looking for the new hip....we went to a party and an old guy hit on sweetie said it was because I was the only one he could catch......(because I hobble somewhat these days)
I had my laugh for the month, but my friend Mary laughed the hardest! Go figure!