Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I love that Doctor

Friday 9 July is the 3rd anniversary of the day I was diagnosed with BC and yesterday I had my annual checkup.  My daughter said 'well, I know you'll be fine", a friend said "of course you won't get it again"... and I know in their heart they are being positive for me but hey, having been taken by surprise once, I am always a little nervous sitting waiting in the pretty green gown for the oncologist to come and give me the results of my mammogram. 

But yesterday he said those three little words

"You're ALL CLEAR!!" 

I'm never quite sure whether I should tell everyone this good news or not considering some women don't get it so good but it is a huge relief.  He also admired my new 'boob' and said it was the best one he'd ever seen as the tattoo and new nipple just finish it off and it is a near perfect match symetrically .. they both hang down the same distance!!!  hehehe..    It bought the biggest smile to my face and even if he says that to all the woman he sees it really made my day!  (My ex bf saw it for the first time 6 months after the op and asked me to keep my bra on..hence he was asked to leave and I have been sworn off blokes ever since!)...

My dearest uncle has been told yesterday the cancer has spread rapidly and is now further up his spine, tumours in his lungs and it's in behind his right eye.   I am so saddened that he has to suffer this and I pray, I really do, that God will spare him this pain and take him quietly in his sleep one night.  He is moving from hospital to rest home care this weekend, luckily to one my dear friend Margaret manages so I know he will be well looked after.  So so sad though as he was so independant until a few weeks ago and now he can't even read the paper.

I talked to my lovely young, old boss today.. DCR's hubby too, and we chatted about all the loss and grief I have had in the last 3 years... it just doesn't stop.  I said to Stew that I must be mean't to learn from it and help other people.. Stew's remarks were "You're getting really good at it now".  Haha... I don't think I could ever work in a hospice though??/ 

But all my loved ones I've lost in the last 2 years have been really 'nice' people.. never hurt a fly, never spoke a bad word about anyone, always been there for others and loved and gave and loved some more.  So my mid year resolution is to carry on like them and to try and be a really 'nice' person as I grow old.  I'm starting to feel like people in the big smoke really 'like' me now and I'm feeling more settled too (a little white pill everyday helps too but who cares!)

And on that note I'd better go to bed or my new resolution won't start tomorrow haha..


Anonymous said...

A lurker coming out to say:

Congrats on the All's clear.

So sorry you have had so much sorrow lately.

Nanci said...

Did I ever tell you my Ikea story? I was shopping with a friend and we admired the hair do of another shopper...It was short and spiky and looked fabulous on her.
I complimented her...she said she only had to have Breast Cancer to get it! We hugged her! Both of us at the same time...she cried and said thank you.
Good for you...good for really is a getting older thing...we seem to lose our share of friends and loved ones.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the best news about being ALL CLEAR. A friend of mine is going through Chemo ow and still has radiation to come. I'm doing all I can to support her.

Sad news about your Uncle :-(

I just wanted to say it takes year to fit in when you move. We've been here nearly 7 years and only realy felt like we belonged after about 4 years. Its' easier when you have kids at school.

Draffin Bears said...

Oh Karen, I am so happy that you heard those three words, that is wonderful!
Sorry to hear about your Uncle and how sad it is and such a hard and difficult time for the family.
Yes, I think there are so many people around that are not well and it makes you really want to try and be more healthier.
Sending hugs to you.

Have a great Thursday

Chris H said...

Woo hOOOOO on the all clear.

Chriss said...

I read your blog ofr the first time today and am sorry that you have had so much sorrow, sadness and grief. Also sorry that your husband wasn't able to deal with your surgery and the results. There are good guys out there who see past the scarring and worry and who can love you for who you are. Love sees with the mind, not the eye - William Shakespeare.
I married one of these good guys 6 years after having a bilateral mastectomy at the age of 40, with no reconstruction. All clear now, 10 years later. You go girl, life is good. All the best.