Sunday, July 18, 2010


Geez, I'm becoming a once a weeker blogger!!!   Haha.  Well, I'm still here.  I have bronchitis now and so sick of coughing!!  I'm sure you can imagine what happens when us older chicks cough too much!!! eeek..
Dr has put me on strong ab's and phenagan for the cough so I am feeling a lot better and no pain when I cough now.  Maybe back to work tomorrow but will see in the morning.

I was most embaressed when my brother called in during the week and saw my 'tip'.  I had come home on Tuesday from my Uncles, dumped everything and gone to bed.  Never got out of bed until Thursday morning, went to work, and came home at lunchtime.  He was here!!! My brother thinks he's so much better than his 3 sisters and if he had a home and possessions.. well he might just be the tidiness fairy!!!  How would we know haha. 

Amongst the chaos, though I had put them in a safe place were some of my treasures from my uncle and aunt's home..My Aunt's hairbrush and mirror set have laid on my Aunts dressing table for many years and as Uncle has given me their bedroom suite he gave me them as well.  They will sit on it again for many more years yet.
A gorgeous plate with matching bowl however the bowl has holes in it like a cabbage leaf haha.  I love it.
Another leaf plate with a broken stem and my Aunt's sugarbowl.. you can see the crocheted cover anyway.  the cloth is also handmade, a real treasure.

And one of her sugar bowls - not a good photo.. I seem to shake a bit now when I'm taking photos????

But this will be the biggest treasure of them all always.  I said to my Uncle that all these things were Aunty's treasures and I'd like to have something that was his.  He chose one of his books that he loved.. A book about the Puketi Rhododendron Gardens bought many years ago but full of colour and gorgeous rhodo's..  I asked him to put his name in it for me and this is what he wrote:

There is nothing more meaningful than these words.  I have never hesitated to be there for them and them for me, and I've always felt appreciated.  Doesn't that make life all the more rewarding.  To be able to laugh with loved ones, to help, love and to support but to receive love and kindness in return.  I am really going to make the most of this precious time and visit Uncle as much as I can .. because I love him to bits and because I am selfish too... It feels so good to be appreciated and to feel special!


Barb said...

I love your treasures but you are right,that inscription in the book tops it all.

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Karen,

What lovely treasures you got from your Uncle and Aunt, they are so precious and will mean a lot to have them.
So sorry to hear that you have not been well and sending you hugs and well wishes that you will be feeling better, dear friend.
Take care and look after yourself.


Chris H said...

Lovely treasures there!

MrsC said...

You do cover a lot of ground in one post :) Lovely dressing table set - my nana had one, I don't know what happened to it but they just speak of childhood explorations and the smell of oak furniture :)