Thursday, July 22, 2010

Hello and goodbye

Just a quick visit to say I'm off again to see my Uncle for the weekend.  The cancer is spreading quickly and his eye is now a real mess.  He is on morphine anytime he needs it now.  So I want to be there with him whenever I can.

My bronchitis is a lot better.. always cough, cough, cough at work.. but it's an allergy to work hahahaha

What have I achieved this week??  Barely anything cept early nights and lots of rest so I could get better.  Half the newsletter done (which has to be done by Monday) so I've saved it on a memory stick and will take it with me.  Just in case I don't come back on Sunday!! 

Off to pack and another early night so I can start work early tomorrow.  I'll be back to visit all your blogs when life settles down a bit.  Have a great weekend everyone


Draffin Bears said...

Hi Karen,

So sorry to hear about your Uncle, and how hard it is for you and the family.
Glad that you are feeling better, do take it easy and will be thinking of you, dear friend.
Sending hugs your way
Carolyn xo

Helen said...

Hi Karen

So sorry to hear about your uncle.