Saturday, June 26, 2010


I'm back, recovered from the laryngitis bug... (so sad I hear some say haha).  I had a good trip to Hawkes Bay but a sad one too. 

My beloved uncle is not well and everyday I wonder what news I'll hear.  He is in hospital with a kidney stone which is trapped by a hernia from his bowel surgery 18 months ago.  When they did a scan they also found Ca in his tailbone which is why he's had a bad back as well.  He has been in terrible pain for the last few weeks while waiting to see a specialist but finally he rang the Ambulance.  Uncle is on morphine and other pain killers, antibiotics to try and dissolve the kidney stone>???  and he is very weak.  Unfortunately they can't operate because he has a heart condition.   He doesn't want me to go up there, even sent his son home.  Uncle is so independant and he says "you don't get paid to hang around a hospital' and "there's nothing you can do for me"... which is so true but I so wish I could take his pain away.  He has always been my 'other' Dad and my aunty was my 'Mum' so to see him suffering is heartbreaking. 

Celebrations though today as it's 17 years since my big girl had her liver transplant.  You wouldn't know it.. she looks perfectly well and healthy and doesn't stop doing... I can't ring her tonight to congratulate her because she's MC at a school production with her son.  Here's her face book site - Annette-Kendall-Professional-Speaker  Nette writes a column in the local newspaper every week and publishes them on facebook.  I think she has a gift but then I'm her Mum.

Well for now I'm going back to sit by the heater because it's blowing a gale down here in Windy Welly and I do wish I'd bought a laptop but then I'd never do anything else!!!  I will post some photos tomorrow of the weekend in sunny Hawkes Bay.


Barb said...

I am glad you are better.

Sad to hear about your uncle...I know you must be so stressed worrying about him.

Awesome about your daughter!!

Nanci said...

I wondered what had happened to you! You've had some stress and lots of joy of 17 yrs to celebrate!
I can't believe it gets that cold in the winter for you Aussies...I'm never complaining of heat again as our winter was so cold.
Get quilting...use energy.