Thursday, July 29, 2010

Rest in Peace Uncle Doug

I went to Palmerston North Hospital on Friday to help and support my Uncle and NO 2 dad, through his radiation treatment on his spine and his eye.  Sadly the radiation on Uncle Doug's eye affected his brain and on Sunday he started deteriorating and his kidney's shut down.  On Tuesday he was bought back to the rest home in Hawkes Bay where he died peacefully Wednesday morning.  My late cousin's wife and I were both there all night and the nurse thought it he was still strong enough to go through the day, but he fooled us all and slipped away within 20 minutes, while we were munching on toast. 

Just what he would have wanted.

It has been hard but at the same time rewarding and comforting to be there with him.  His last sentence to us on sunday were "I'm sorry you girls have had such a bad day".  That sums up my Uncle .. he always thought of others before himself! 

I am going to miss him dearly but he is at peace with my beautiful Aunty Shirley, my cousin Ross and my Dad .. and he will be free of pain and suffering. 


Draffin Bears said...

I am so sorry Karen, to hear of your Uncles passing.
So hard, but at least he is no longer in pain.
Hard for the family though and I am sending you all my love and hugs.

Take care

kiwicarole said...

My thoughts are with you Karen. He will be in a happier space now, no more pain or silent suffering.
hugs, Carole

Chris H said...

Sorry to hear about you uncle, another good one gone eh?

Pokey said...

So sorry for the loss of your dear Uncle, how sweet to be thoughtful of others right to the end. I'm glad you have the comfort of his peace now.

Barb said...

What a touching story, he seemed to always worry about others, no wonder you loved him so. I am sorry for you loss but glad that you have had someone special in your life that will bring smiles and memories later on.

Nanci said...

Oh, I've been keeping a vigil on your blog, knowing you were concerned for your Uncle. Hugs from me this morning! Hope this makes you feel better to know that your friends in the blog world are there.