Friday, February 19, 2010

The eyes have it!@

Since taking my Mum back to her home last weekend I've had terrible 'hayfever' type symptoms.. It was very windy but the house was also dusty after being shut up for 7 weeks while she recovered from a broken leg at my sisters. 

My eyes have been very sore and tired, more than the normal strain from looking at the computer all day and 'twitching'... It's a weird feeling, I'm sure others have it too.. I'm told others can't see it twitching but it is annoying.

I've made an appointment at the optician next week to see if having separate glasses for computer and reading would alleviate the eye strain.  I have progressive lenses at the moment. 

The weather is lovely today.  I've been next door to find out where and what about the two cute pussy's Tommy and Muzzy I'm looking after for the next ten days.  They were very affectionate to me tonight.. I think they must know Mum and Dad are going away. haha. I need to catch up on housework, library, a haircut and make progress on my sewing... will help me keep busy and stop worrying about the latest restructuring that could affect my job.. they call it reshuffle now... but "affected people will be notified"... so what's the diff! 

Well off to bed .. maybe an earlier night will help too. 

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Draffin Bears said...

Hi Karen,

Sorry about the restructuring and the eyes, I hope that the trip to the Optician will help and fingers crossed for the job.
Glad that your Mother is back home and I hope that she is feeling better.

Love to you both