Thursday, February 18, 2010

Life without a computer

What have I been doing over the last two weeks... well still procrastinating.. but here's some pics of quilts I've seen over the last few weeks at the Capital Quilters Club meeting and at Sawmillers quiltery annual show.  Look at this amazing Kaleidoscope Quilt.  I have the book about making these quilts, I have fabrics, I have the ruler and the mirrors... .. this is fabulous... See if you can get a close up and see what the fabric is....

Heres a really neat Kiwi quilt... Amazing layout. 
This quilt was designed by a guy... I think.  I'm sure its an Australian Patchwork & Quilting magazine pattern.

I love this one.  Look closely.  A simple 9 patch and a four patch with corner thingees. 

And here's the fabric that the Kaleidoscope quilt was made from.  This is the back.  Isn't it amazing.

My friend Lisa's Quilt hanging at the outdoor show at Sawmillers Quiltery
What am I doing??  Playing.. I want to make a quilt/wallhanging for the wife of one of my colleagues who has fought so hard against cancer over the last two years.  They love tramping so I'm thinking.. things you find in NZ bush plus a few 'windows' of light or dark and a big tree with 6 birds.  No time to waste so I need to sew all weekend.
Lastly, my new hard drive.  Believe it or not, my old one was underneath the printer and was nearly the same size as it too.  this one is so quiet I don't feel guilty at all.   I need to take the plastic off it haha. 


Chris H said...

I am in AWE of that Kaleidoscope Quilt!!!

Betweens said...

kayjay glad you are up and running.. I am going through the same dilemma.. but getting some quilting done at the same time.
I also made a OBW with pengquin fabric can see near the beginning of my blogging. yours looks fantastic!!
hope all is up and running okay thanks for taking the time to share

Anonymous said...


Just finished speaking with Nanci. I think that I have worked out the pattern for the Windchime quilt. Do you have a fax #? If I can't scan the drawings for you (my scanner is misbehaving), I will fax them to you. E mail me at Many thanks!