Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Mental Health Day - where is my head??

Damn, I deleted my previous entry for today because it was so.. woe is me....but noticed that I had two comments from Nanci and an anonymous blogger.  And of course the comments have dissapeared. .  Sorry to you both and thank you for your comments.  I am enjoying (is that the word).. my mental health day!!.  I'm trying not to think about work and restructuring and instead I'm appreciating the peace and quiet and doing stuff that makes me happy!  I bought the 'jump off the rack at me" fabric to make this quilt (Version 5) haha and have cut out simple blocks .. so now will sew them together.  I will take a photo later and post it. 

Nanci, I need to know more about your low carb diet.. is this a book or a programme you go too??  Maybe we can share progress... and ideas if you're interested. 

Anonymous.. please get your blog up and going and add me!!  Haha..

Okay back to my sewing room and Catherine Cookson movies...

So this is what's kept me busy today.  I saw the leafy fabric in the shop and it said.. Bush.. bright and cheery.. I had tried to make a native bush quilt with the birds and blues but it just didn't work.. another UFO!!

I have just laid it on the design wall as I've made the blocks so still need to arrange them yet.  I was going to put blocks on one side and a tree on the other with apples on it in matching colours (the recipient was a teacher) ... similar to this one I found on net but with apples

I thought of doing a flying geese border in two corners?? 

Just have to get it down soon.  I still have my challenge to do.  What a waste of time feeling sorry for myself.. I could have been sewing all weekend. 

Finally sneak over to http://jandiinstitches.blogspot.com and enter in Jandi's giveaway.  She's just started her blog on blogspot.. and her page is amazing.  I wish there was a class on 'How to do up your blog page".  I've looked but the language frightens me!!!


Hurri_Kane said...

Hehe, I'm not anon anymore, I kicked myself in the butt and restarted my blogging after waaaay too long an absence (Thanks for the excuse). I'm glad to read you are making good use of your mental health day and feeling better :o)

Cheers, KJ @ http://kitcat-nz.blogspot.com/

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Karen,

What a fun way to spend your mental health day ~ your quilt is lovely.
I hope that you are having a great week.

Take care

Helen said...

Hi Karen

I love that leafy fabric. Where did you get it from? Is there any more? It would make a great stack and whack quilt.

Sorry to hear of the worry about your work situation.