Sunday, November 7, 2010

Healing Hearts

When I was diagnosed with breast cancer the members of Kiwiquilters Yahoo Group sent me Healing Hearts blocks so in the mail most day I received a beautiful heart made by a stranger.  They kept coming and it really helped to take my mind off the 'what-if's" ahead...especially before the surgery.  these photos of of some of my healing heart blocks.
Kiwiquilters and friends are now making heart blocks for Myra and she has received about 30 blocks from around New Zealand. 
One of our fellow bloggers Karen Griska (the Selvege blog) is making a heart block for Myra and has asked on her blog for her readers to make them too.  Already I have had emails (for Myra's address) from Sally in England, Beth from somewhere?MIchele in Florida, Martina in Germany and Claudia in Austria so far.  Imagine Myra's surprise when she receives them.  I am really excited as I haven't told her. Have a look at their blogs and their hearts. 
 If you'd like to make a Healing Heart block for Myra here are the instructions:

The blocks should be 6 1/2 " square finished with either a cream on cream, or white on white background.
The hearts can be pink, blue or purple pastel shades or a floral in any of those colours. They can be embellished or embroidered - whatever you would like to do!

Also please to sign your name on it so that Myra knows who made it and put in a note about where you come from.  You can make as many healing hearts as you like. Each one will be so appreciated. 

Please send me an email and I will reply with Myra's address


Draffin Bears said...

Hi Karen,

What a lovely gift for Myra and I want to send my well wishes to her.
Love all the pretty blocks you have shown and this is such a neat idea.

Hope all is well with you and your family and sending hugs to you.

Claudia said...

Hello Karen,
Karen Griska's Selvage Blog is very popular. Many, many hearts will be sent to Myra and hopefully help her fighting against her desease !
Thanks for showing pictures of your healing heartes.
Regards from Austria to New Zealand

Barb said...

What a fun thing to do...yes, can you email me her address?

stufenzumgericht said...

Hi Karen,
I've just sent my heart block to Myra (together with a German PW Magazine ;-)and I hope, that it'll reach her soon. All the hearts together will give Miry hope and force to fight against the cancer. You're such a wonderful friend because of organizing this heart for her!!!
Have a nice day!
Many greatings from Cologne, Martina