Sunday, December 19, 2010

With photos - I'm slack and now I've been growled at!!

It has been a Longggggg time since I posted on my blogS.  Been busy, tired and it's that horrible time of the year when I have a million and one things to do in three days!!  Eek. And I shouldn't be here now but my dear old friend Liz says she's missing me!!  I have been looking in and catching up with what's happening but not participating.

Last weekend I went to my daughter's up country and visited my Mum for 2 days.  Went to Santa's cave in Dannevirke. Now that is awesome and I reckon the best I've ever been too.  the work is done by the Dannevirke Art Society and volunteers.  Every year there is something new and exciting.  My Dad used to love being Father Christmas in the cave for many years and as he was a meter reader he would often intrigue the kids by asking if they could move the table away from the fireplace, or saying "didn't you get a blue bike last year".  He would go to the toy shops and see what was new and available for Xmas.  But Mum and Dad's knew who it was because Dad had huge hands and none of the white gloves fitted him.  His sleeves were also rather short.

They've grown a little now. 

Just in time for Christmas Olivia needs a new front tooth.

I had two days with my friends Carol and Emma then.  Emma and I sewed together during the day and I achieved heaps.  Lots of laughs and fun, good food and wine.  My friend Carol worked during the day so I stayed the evenings with Carol and her family.  I miss them both sooooo very much. They are simply my Bestest friends as my granddaughter would say. 

On Tuesday night I went to "Young At Heart", the chorus from USA.  WOW, WOW, WOW I love them all.  The voices, the humour and the enthusiasm of them all was awesome.  Some with walking sticks, some very frail, all between 74 and 88 years old but absolutely fun-loving entrepreneurs. In the movie Fred Zilverman sings "Fix You"...he was on oxygen but what a voice. What a zest for life.  Makes me feel very ashamed when some days I feel sorry for myself.  (bowing my head in shame.)  If you haven't seen the movie check out the trailer. Like the prisoner says It's the best show I've ever seen in my life!

It's taken me forever to finish my sister's bag but finally today I gave it to her.  We had Christmas for the family with my Mum at her home and I gave the bag to my sister which was for her birthday in July.. that's 2010!! 

"Fabulous bag.  Cool fabrics and lots of room for storing UFP!!
Thanks again.  I love it."
 Well, it's worth the wait isn't it???
It was my first attempt making this bag and I decided to make it in these upholstery fabrics ( waterfall bought from interior decorating shop for $15 - enough to make 10 more bags yet!) It should sit better open.  And I know she has enough projects to fill it and another!~

I've also been making the duvet cover and quilt for my work colleague's baby to come.  It turned out a much bigger job than I thought, but then if I'd been to PN before Saturday I could have done it a simpler way.  Isn't it always the case?  Here's the quilt top..

eek two days to quilt it...

My button collection has grown .. hmmm that could be a big reason why I haven't been blogging too!  It's another addiction but so exciting when I find an old treasure and find out the history of it.  I've started a button blog but it hasn't been updated for awhile too..  Slack hehe. 

And for now I need to get my Butt..on to the chair by my sewing machine. 


tizart said...

Great to hear what you are doing! I was getting worried about you. I just love hearing waht you are doing. Thanks

Chris H said...

I love your Stay Open Bag...did you get the pattern from my blog or somewhere else?
Good to see you blogging again.